Rate the song above you!

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6/10, not bad. But not too great either.

4/10. Nope. Just not my cup of tea. It's only that high because dat guitar rythm. If there were no vocals, it's probably be around a six or seven. I really like metal guitar. But not screaming. :|

8/10 That was a fairly interesting song.

Blinded by the Light ~ Manfred Mann's Earth Band

8/10 I like that song.

9/10. Fucking epic as balls. But.. Nothing really happens? There's not a solid crescendo or anything. And while most songs don't have to have one, I think this one could benefit from one.

3/10. So boring. For a three minute song it felt like fifteen minutes.

6.5/10... not bad... While I still don;t like the singer, as whiny as ever, the lyrics are marginally less painful... and I really liked the opening, and the rest of the song is pretty solid, but it all feels so busy, mostly because someone needs to put a cap on that drummer, he's far to prevalent to the point that a lot of the song sounds more like a light haze under a pounding beat, making it impossible to concentrate on anything, other than the overzealous drumming...<.<

Haven't listened to Radiohead in a while... but popped in Kid A a few days ago...

7/10. This is a pretty good Radiohead song, but at the same time, I always sort of have to force myself to like Radiohead songs a little, like the parts are good, but the whole is slightly unsatisfying. I dunno, it's been a while since I've listened to Radiohead too.

Nice and noisy. It's good that they had slow parts and building bits because it made the song less of a racket. I'm not a fan of the singer though even though he fits the band perfectly.

This song because of Australia day.

7/10 that was actually pretty good... not a fan of that 80's sound, of which this is bursting with... it typically doesn;t age well... but the song structure and a lot of the musical ideas are pretty timeless, especially liked the soothing almost spanish style guitar, and what sounds like some light strings in the background...<.<

7/10, not bad.


I hate songs like that, sorry.
Edit: I mean the nonstop incoherent screaming. I love metal in general though.

I never know what to expect when there's an anime picture on one of these vids.
The change up was a good idea about half way in because it was starting to get a little same same but good metal without the screaming. Which is the best metal. It seemed a little manufactured to me though but that's probably because it's from an game of anime.

Best song from a game In my opinion.


That was pretty awesome

Well if we're gonna stick with video game music

You don't have to listen to the whole thing. It's a short loop.

5/10. Hell of a game, but not my favorite song from said game.

3/10. I don't care for post-rock. I find it to be quite boring and every song is too long.

6/10 It was alright, nothing really stood out about it for me. Although I liked that it wasn't just screaming straight through the entire song, it still felt a little forced to me.

0/10 that was barely even a song. It didn't even have a hint of music until over halfway through.

6/10. I don't care for AWOLNATION, but that wasn't terrible.

Good for this type of music. It had a nice melody I have to say and didn't break out into the angst at all.

Sorry about the quality but I couldn't find a better version.

6/10 the quality makes it hard to listen to, but I love the oppressively happy sarcasm...<.<

7/10. Not bad, not bad at all.

6/10. The first five seconds sound like some 90s pop song I can't place, and I was kinda disappointed that the rest of the song didn't continue in that vein. What was there wasn't bad though- punchy and with a decent hook.

8/10, I love me some At The Drive-In.

3/10. Nope, nothing doing. Just not my thing whatsoever. Screechy guitars, screechy screaming. 3 points for some parts I did enjoy, and the music in the refrain is pretty alright.


2/10, before the bass drop it was going so well. Then it became a horrible, wub-wub mess.

4/10...uh... NOPE! it was actually pretty decent up until the wubs came in... nice building and actually integrated the electronic bleeps together with the orchestra and flute really well... but of course, those wubs just destroy any amount of tension or atmosphere there might've been in the song, and they totally don;t fit with the song about as well as aan anemic at an all you can eat buffet... it just sticks out and destroys the pacing... there are still some cool parts... but that's all they end up being, parts that end up contributing little to the overall song, because someone thought it was a good idea to make completely out of place wubs the pinnacle of the song...<.<

Edit: Ninja...

6/10... wasn't too bad... just sub par and cliche in almost ever respect... like album filler for your typical EMo band...<.<

Usually don;t care much for soundtrack stuff much... though I make an exception for this game...<.<


I ninja'd you mate.

Anyways, while I'm here 6/10, not bad. But not nothing I'd listen to on my own. Only if I was playing said game.

I don't know. This video was incredibly douchy but vaguely charming. The song itself has all the cues for a song I'd typically despise, but I found it somehow funny and likable in its boneheadedness. I wouldn't listen again, but I didn't dislike it at all. I really don't know how to quantify this. H/10

9/10... I've listened to that album enough times to tell you that it's awesome...<.<

5/10, not bad, but not great. They sound like a cross between Megadeth and Nirvana.

8/10. This was a very enjoyable movie, and the soundtrack was a big reason why.

Ah Sleigh bells.

Any band name with a pun is great in my book, they are one of those bands that are so simple but just make great no nonsence music. Kind of like the white stripes.


6/10, not bad, but not so great. Just a bit boring.


Sometimes a bit too overly excited, and the screaming does distract a lot at times from it's actual strengths. Still, the melody is really enjoyable without being too overly pretentious and the hook really got to me. Enjoyable.

How about some british glam rock?

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