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6/10... eh always been split on Metric, I like some of their stuff, monster hospital, sick muse, etc... but alot of it is just really meh to me... and I suppose that's where this falls... with it's awkward kind of cheesy lyrics and over use of cliches, like the vocal harmonies thrown in... it's hardly bad, but it's not that good... though I did enjoy the video...<.<

Haven't listened to Hum in a while, forgot how much I like them...

@Kenbo: 4/10. The one thing I absolutely cannot tolerate with these new post-core bands are the front men. They only have two singing methods: a high-pitch monotone and an occasional screamo lapse. I'm serious. For the first five seconds, I thought that was a girl singing.

Fourteen year old girls listen to this stuff. That's not exactly a mark of quality.

EDIT: Beat me to the punch.

@Launce: 9/10. I love Metric. Haines' voice is beautiful, the hooks are addicting and Scott-Key is a great drummer. It doesn't hurt that I'm a sucker for synth rock.


@Sac: 8/10. I can dig it. The sound is good. I get the feeling they have better songs though.

3/10. Would be nice if I could hear what's going on >.<. The parts where I could hear what was going on was good though.


Wow. The singing is just exceptionally whiny here. While it does reinforce the harder parts when the guitar is more present it painfully fails throughout the rest of the song and drags the whole down into annoyance. But it can also only do so, since the melody is also just painfully mediocre. The sound is enjoyable at times (like the harder guitar parts) but the rest just comes across 'meh' or 'bleeergh!'.

How about hyperactive Japanese noise-rock?

4/10. If it wasn't for the annoying vocals it'd be way better. The music video was cool though.

2/10. I can't take the 30-something looking guy playing the angsty card seriously at this point, and I know for a fact that Silverstein has been a band since at least 2003 so this guy is definitely no spring chicken. The lyrics are absurd, the music itself is flimsy, and what is this video? Guy walking down road and skipping stones interspersed with lame pool party? I'm sorry, but the best part of this was that it was a minute and a half long.

@Lancelot: Thanks for taking that hit for me Lancy... ;D

8/10... very few people in this world exude the same musical and lyrical energy as Nick Cave... listening to him live is less music most of the time and more akin to being actually assaulted... but in a good way... an engaging way... or at least from most of the stuff I've heard from Nick Cave...<.<

Might wanna drop some acid... ;p

6/10. I'm not the biggest fan of Pink Floyd, but I actually quite liked that song. (Though it was long as shit.)

I actually didn't mind sitting here for what, the best part of half an hour? The song was so diverse it kept me interested. <3


It's so close to crossing the line into the kind of stuff I don't like, but the guy is just such a good musician you can't help but see and hear how much he's into it, so it's just great to listen to :D

This song is probably one of my all time favorites ^_^ The chorus is basically the most perfect sound you can get in my eyes :D

7/10. I never really cared for Muse. But that was a pretty good song.


Yeah it's Muse. I like Muse and I like Black Holes & Revelations - much more than their recent stuff I should add. The song itself is not really my favourite on that album (that point goes to Exo-Politics and Knights of Cydonia) but still very enojoyable.


yeah...that one has power and I can deal with the singing here. Misses something that really hooks me, but the potential for something really good is in there.

How about I'll chime out something a bit less experimental but far more addicting since TheFunPolice is around once more?

I so love these guys....

Chromatic Aberration:

How about I'll chime out something a bit less experimental but far more addicting since TheFunPolice is around once more?


7.5 Not generally my kind of thing, but I can really appreciate how good it sounds and how they're really putting effort into their sound :D

Here's mine

7/10. Not my favorite Beatles song, but it's still awesome.

4/10... yeah no... the instrumentals are slightly more inspired than usual... with actual coherent, though very forgettable, riffing... and the drums aren't just a mish mash of unintelligible beating... but I really couldn;t stand the singing... he doesn't have the crass unrestrained anger that would make his sputtering into the microphone listenable fr this sort of thing... and there's something just so completely not genuine about him... like he doesn't even really know what he's singing about... but at the same time I award him for not trying that "screaming" style... so yeah listenable, but not exactly good, or special in any way... it's not even so bad that I can never forget that terrible, like Brokencyde... <.<

6/10 It was alright, but nothing about the song wanted me to listen again. Felt kind of flat to me.

5/10. Not bad, but boring on it's own. I'd much rather hear it in the game.

1/10. I hate this type of song. Unappealing screamo-metal whatever. I hate 98% of heavily metal-influenced music because I don't hear any musicianship behind the heavy, and this song could not epitomize that more.

8/10 Bloody nice.
It's that slacker; indie music that I love so.


My friend introduced me to this a few days ago, I absolutely love it :D



Ahhh yes! It breathes the blues...and I really do love that. I thought that it's minimalism turns me off somewhat (and it does to a small degree) but it sill manages to get a lot of power and melody in it. Another band I'll have to look into, I guess. So thanks for that! ^_^

How about good punk rock?

8/10. I love Bad Religion.

3/10... I unno what to say... it's just like the usual stuff you post, just with more muscles... though the chorus is kind of catchy in an odd way... it's really the only thing I liked about it... the rest is just so much salad without ranch dressing or even a vinaigrette...<.<

7/10. Started out super slow, but the chorus was pretty killer.

7/10 Not bad at all, I don't get the video though.

7/10 I loved the instrumentation, especially that riff at the end of the song. The vocals were a bit annoying to listen to, but not all that detracting.

10/10. My favorite Sum 41 song. I love it.

5/10. I'm not a fan of this screamy, whiny stuff.

I like me some soundgarden.

It was nice, but nothing special about it.

4/10... really quite boring and generic... up until the end... where I found his screaming pretty grating... just nothing to like, but than there's not much to hate either...<.<

7/10. Good, but not my favorite Gorillaz song.

7/10, I like it. Nice pace, but starts a off a little slow and gets a little shouty.

Wow. I really didn't think I'd enjoy that as much as I did, I saw the name Ellie Goulding and just thought "oh shit." but I actually really enjoyed that :D 7/10!


Really really not something I'd listen to, never really liked My Chemical Romance too much.

Good Muse song but not one of my favourites

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