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Wow, that band sure changed.
Just got my Wintersun shirt in today so.....

I'm not a man who likes his screaming the lyrics. The song is great though lots of overblown epic guitar, that synth backing and good fast drumming. Even the chorus is good but the screaming bits let it down for me. I can see people getting into this though.

The first band shirt I saw in my cupboard.

7/10. Pretty great, really dug the bass.

7/10 That was pretty cool I guess, well I liked it.

Driving music.
Gorillaz are pretty good at what they do. I wish I went to see them/whatever the collection of musicians are live before they broke up.

This sounds very very awesome. Loved the intro and vocals.


Not really one of my favourites from that album - too slow and too much pomp to really entice me. Then again, it's Muse....

5.5/10..I don't really know how to feel about that...it wasn't bad...but it wasn't great. The drum solo(s) were cool though. But these guys just seem like a novelty band.


Not quite my favourite Blink 182 (should mention I am a huge fan of them so it not being my favourite doesn't mean I don't like it) song but it's still a good song.

8.5/10 I liked that had a good story to tell and I really liked the English accent on the rapper... What?!

6/10, the song itself wasn't bad, but the tuba was really distracting and annoying.

9/10. Opening's a little slow, but I love it once it picks up.

6/10 . Has it great beat to it, but don't really enjoy screaming vocals.


I'm currently really in the mood for something like this - it flows good, has power to it, a decent hook and the female singer makes it really enjoyable. Last time I heard that band I was really surprised how much I liked it - with this song, I see even better why. Time I put them on the list.

7.5/10. It's certainly not much like anything I've heard before.

Yeah orchestral!
I love me some classic *Lights cannon* I feel like listening to the whole thing now though.

9/10. Love the way your avatar dances to this.


Stealth music always gives me the desire to climb really tall buildings at night. It's happened once or twice.


I used to love this song and it's still good to sing along when ever I hear it but where was the proper music video? haha

7/10 Nice nice yes yes.

5/10. Not a big fan of Deadmau5 or dubstep in general, though it certainly seems a lot more toned-down than most dubstep tracks.

Captcha: call me


Yay drunk post!

And despite being drunk that was very annoying. Typical annoying pop with the same typically annoying sound I was already annoyed by years ago. Uninspired lyrics, uninspired hook, uninspired completely standardized singing that deeply and thoroughly annoys me. I know it could be very much worse and I have to admit it is somewhat catchy. And, you know what? That makes it even more annoying! To me, it's a so thoroughly calculated kind of catchy uninspiredness that I really have to think it was either designed by a committee or our new robot overlords - either way I REALLY don't like it.

5/10. Not a big fan of Deadmau5 or dubstep in general, though it certainly seems a lot more toned-down than most dubstep tracks.

...dubstep? Dubstep? deamau5? Strobe? Dubstep?

... oh my...

7/10 Was relatively nice to listen.

5/10, kind of like the melody, not so much the instruments or the singer.

3/10, 9 minutes...wasted.

This song takes me back.

Oh man nostalgia like a mofo in here.
Hello junior year.


Dat doomy guitar....so awesome...the singing is completely unspectacular, though, and I miss a better hook.

7/10. It's a good song, fits the title well, would be good music for the scene where the obelisk falls down and destroys half on manhattan in the movie in my head.

Also makes me think of this song, which my old roommate somehow mistook for Mars, Bringer of War more than once.


Very enjoyable and I love her annunciation.

Arabian nights like Arabian days.
That was like the tea party a little. (That sort of arabic sounding prog rock) It was good but It really made me feel like listening to the Tea party now over looking up some other songs from these guys.

I don't know, I just don't think it tickled my fancy. It's not bad, and they obviously have talent and it's a nice composition, but it didn't grab me I guess. :c

Brand spanking new stoner/doom band. I've been listening to this a lot and love it's chilled out, smokey vibe.

@piin: 6/10. Nice and simple. I could dig it if the vocals were a little bit deeper.

8/10 I use to love this song, sucks they haven't really done much recently.

Yup, I used to enjoy Wolfmother quite a bit.
Never quite got the backlash against them that came later.

Super ninja attack!

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