Rate the song above you!

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7/10, pretty good, not really my style though.

I will give it a 6 not that good but the chorus was alright


9/10 How come I didn't know of this band earlier!!

10/10, that's one of my favorite OM&M songs :p

Had to find it on youtube but 6/10. Good but not really my type of music.
(they really like tar)

Pretty good, not my type but good. 7/10


9/10 I like bring me the horizon :P

10/10 that's the best song AA! has done (plus they're my favorite band)

8/10 until one minute in then 6/10 (Sorry I've never been able to get in this type of music)

Just, not all that interesting.


yes! just yes! :D

5/10 good guitar work, but not my style at all.

3/10 If I could hear half of it, it would me nice... >.>

8/10 I haven't heard much of Stevie.

Don't feel you have to listen to the whole thing.

8/10 I'm not much of a blues guy (that is blues right?), but it was good enough that I listened to the whole thing and really liked some parts of but I was getting a little bored of it towards the end.

Don't judge me judge the song...

Oh boy I am judging the hell out of you right now
Ill give it a 6/10 because it is not quite that lame


7/10 Nothing really special, but +1 for having slap bass.

I was not offended by this.

1/10 Christ the Kazoo is annoying.

7/10 pretty cool, but nothing I'd listen to daily.

Ill give it a 4.5/10
I did not think it was any good at all

6/10 I can see why people like it, but I don't care much for Oasis.

3/10 ... <--- Just ...

9/10 I love that song

7/10 Easy to listen to, could easily fit into my game playlist.... >.> *trying to make complement*

8/10 that was a damn good song sir.

6/10 Yup, pretty average and stuff.

I will give it an 8 because it was pretty kick ass
could have used some vocals though

5/10 Really not my kind of music.

8/10 Stop taunting me! DX Still can't find it anywhere!

7/10 Not really something I'd listen to, but nice background music.

4/10... not fan of screeching... I prefer understandable diction...

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