Rate the song above you!

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7/10: Surf rock the turns into a face melter what's not to like?

I really enjoyed that :D! another band I'll have to look into ^_^ 8/10

I really like this guys voice

Really quirky and upbeat/swingy. I like it. 7.5/10

AWHHH HEELLL!!! That was bloody FANTASTIC!! I'm a massive sucker for slide guitar, even if it's played badly I'll fricken love it

That was just immense...Thank you so much :D 10/10

Keepin' with dem blooz

10/10 Aw yeah Muddy!

I know I posted these guys recently but damn that's some good Sweden.


I'm all in for some good psychedelic/stoner rock. The guitar in particular is bloody awesome here and it gets a huge plus for the quiet acoustic ending. The singing grates on my nerves, though.

6/10. Sounds like the soundtrack to a quirky, low-budget, underappreciated JRPG. I can't decide if it would play when you're in the port or when you're checking how much your vegetables have grown.

Well... I can appreciate it's good dance music...But honestly, it kinda falls flat when you're just listening to it...5/10

That's some genuine bass playing right there

Groovy as hell!
Nice hook too.

7.5/10. That was pretty good.

6/10. If I liked this kind of music i'd probably rate it higher. Call it personal tastes.

ohgodohgodpleasestopitwhyisthisohgodsavethechildrenfirst/10. They always played this back at camp dances when they would bus over the girls from the girl's camp so everyone could stand on opposite sides of the basketball court and look at each other uncomfortably. This and "Istanbul not Constantinople" were colossal hits with everyone despite the fact I never met anyone who liked either song. If I didn't want to go to the dance, I was free to watch goddamn Rudy for the umpteenth time with all the kids who had weird medical conditions or who didn't know how to swim. So yeah, this song. I'd rather not.

8/10. That song rocks.


Nothing personal (lol mantra of this thread?) I'm just not much for hardcore.
It did make me want to listen to this though.



Well that was unrelenting. I need a hug
Those guys seem like playing as hard and as fast as they can is the main plan they've got there. I'd like to see how much a live show knocks them about.

6/10. Not quite my cup of tea, but still definately not something I would frown listening to.

The first five minutes were absolutely incredible...I literally just felt my smile get wider and wider every second

But honestly, the melody kinda took a turn for the worse once the singer came in...It got too heavy in my opinion...

But based on the FANTASTIC beginning - 8/10


Fuck, ninja'd

An old classic.


Not a bad song but not really my favourite Silverchair song.

It was kinda funny in parts, but it didn't amuse me enough for me to call it a good comedy song....Nor did it sound very good from a regular music point of view 5/10

Such good drumming....

7/10. The drumming is fine, but that bassist is a beast.

9/10. Can't ever get enough of Womack.

7/10, nice guitar work.


Well, Rap/Hip-Hop is underrepresented in this thread, so it's good to hear something a little different. On the other hand: I don't like this one bit. It's boring, it's annoying and the joke just comes off as childish and, for lack of a better word, vulgar. It's bad.

Just... lol

The embed is faulty. --/10

7/10 Ok sorry *blushes* going to try again.

3/10, this album is when I stopped listening to Linkin Park, and this song is a good example why.


Awh bro...It all just sounds the same to me T_T


5/10 Couldn't really get into it.

7/10, not my favorite song off that album, but still good.

7/10. I like it more than I remember now that I've seen the video.

I always enjoyed that song

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