Rate the song above you!

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9/10. I love that song, and I love that album.


I really enjoyed that :D! I especially liked the melodic part where the choir of children took over. Really nice song


Music was happier back then.
Good Thin Lizzy song; They always remind be of a classic rock radio station.

Since it wasn't a serious song and I'm feeling generous, 5/10.

It's Dio, it's Rainbow, its great.

But truth be told I've always preffered this one.

Can't beat the original. Edvard Greig!
Cool I was expecting a guitars blazing version of Greig's song of the same name and instead I got a good 80s metal jam. The singer's mimicking of the guitar part was a bit annoying though he had an awesome voice.

The only morning alarm I have not grown bored listening to. 10/10

Since I wish to spare the next soul 20+ minutes of classical music, have this:

It's King Crimson so yeah.

Yay new strange name band!
8/10 Good stuff; I like that it didn't fly off in random directions like some kinda similar bands tend to do. It was a nice change.

Speaking of bands that fly off in random directions.


Yes is good but the vocals always give me the creeps. In this case much less but as if to balance this out the song somehow lacks the catchy ingenuity of much of their other stuff.

8/10. I'm a sucker for violin and female vocals. Also, good solo.

New (double!) album coming out soon so yay.

Pain of Salvation: Morning on earth

Music box sound, nice and original, good timing on the deep synth, lovely intro to lovely vocals, (reminds me of David Bowie in Labrynth)

Relaxed, warm, sensual. Nice

Oh, now it's gone all cheesy and wishy washy on me, ew...

Ah that's better.

Awesome, really awesome sounding, glorious and seductive poetry.

And we're back to that horrible cheesy wishy-washy style, damn that's annoying.

Ah, back onto form!
Nice outro with the music box stopping.

Overall I'll give it a 13 out of 20, it could've gone up to 18 if it weren't for the annoying parts.


Kinda boring. Certainly good ambient music to listen to while you learn or work but on its own it never manages to captivate in any way.

How about some (self described) Avantgarde-Industrial-Cyber-Death-Metal?

...genre naming is always fun!

8/10. That was an exciting listen! I shall have to check them out.

Somebody has a good taste in music...


Bad Religion rocks. They always did and they still do - I don't think this particular song is really strong enough to call it very good or even great but it's as always a short, to-the-point, lively piece of enjoyable punk rock.

...props go to AnarchistFish, who made me aware of those guys in another thread.


I usually don't listen to hiphop, but that was a pretty enjoyable experience.

A good listening experience


8/10. Great song, great album.

Political surf punk!
The Dead Kennedys have always been fun to listen to. This song isn't their best but the music they put out no matter what is always funky, punky and good.

This was a weird one for me...It combined two genres I'm not particularly fond of...and...Made it really good O_o 8/10


6/10. I was never really fond of Cooper.


I liked it. It didn't really stand out to me but it was good.

7/10. Not my favorite Tool song, but still good.

3.5/10. I don't really like screaming in music.

Chromatic Aberration:

Oh yeah, Del is the shit... I haven;t listened to much of his Deltron 3030 stuf, but his stuff with the Heiroglyphics was pretty awesome, even if they didn;t have the musical touches of Dan The Automater... and his stuff with the Gorillaz are the highlights of their first album... but really the best thing he's done is the collaboration he did with Dinosaur Jr, because that's really only something that could've happened in the 90's... Also extra points for J wearing his cow print jacket and ten gallon hat, when playing that live...<.<

3/10... God, really just a mess, the only parts that I even kind of liked are the random jamacan singer that comes in ocasionally... and the occastional brandish of synth in the background... for the most part, all of the rappers are uterly forgetable, though props for that one guy being smart enough to reference literally the only thing anyone remembers him for... also Kanye was pretty good... though he usually is...<.<

Also, that is Mike Watt playing with them, for anyone who cares... and everyone should, because it's Mike Watt...<.<

You can tell Del is use to a little more structure in his songs; even with Dinosaur Jr not really going off on any tangents he is still playing catch up a bit in this "Jam"
Still that was pretty good; I'd be all for more rap like that.


Oh man, that was great :D Such good tone from every single goddamn instrument. Bloody good song :D


dem feelz

5/10. Generically British. Not bad, but not noteworthy


I feel that song would benefit greatly from some climax or plain old refrain as sort of a counterpoint to the driving guitars in the background. They manage to create a lot of exciting tension that unfortunately stays utterly unresolved.

Oh yeah, Del is the shit... *posts interesting stuff*

Ahhh thank you! After hearing that it's a supergroup I did some research on Wiki and as soon as I saw the Gorillaz on the list of his exploits I knew why I liked it. So thanks for linking me to some of his stuff. I might not like Dinosaur too much but his collab with them sounds exciting. I'll have to look for more :)


*Piece By Piece from Murder By Death*

You also get a huge thank you from me! Been listening to those guys all day. So awesome :D

Now onto the song....

As somebody who's really not usually fond of metal...I really quite enjoyed that O-o....I was kinda down on the singing, but I thought everything else going on was absolutely great :D 7/10



More Chilis! More Peppers! More of that one album that I do not have!

Oh yeah, is that funky! Too boring and too self-indulgent over the course of it's runtime but holy hell does it sound cool. Or in other words: More Good Music! :3

Holy hell the production there is amazing. Sounds very deep, warm, but clear as a bell. Sounds like I'm actually hearing a band in my bedroom. The flourishes hit particularly well.
As for the song itself, great. The liveliness really comes out and I can easily imagine the folks playing this. Sounds like they are having a blast.


@piin: 5/10. Sabbath shot themselves in the foot with that album. It's not bad. It just sounds like every other metal track from the 80's; more like Iron Maiden than anything. Dehumanizer is from '92, mind you. That wasn't even in style anymore.

Liked the blues chord at 2:15. That's about it.

@Fiji: Can I even score this? It ain't bad, but I'd have to rate every song first, come up with an average and split the difference.

Not that I won't do it. It'll just take a while. You'll have to settle 6/10 for now.

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