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6 out of 10. Decent, but the song doesn't strike me as interesting. I could hear the lyrics, but could not understand them. Could work as ambiance in a bar, but anywhere else feels out of place.

8/10 That was really good. I can honestly say that I might listen to it again.

There was something in the air that night..... Phil Collins felt it.
That song reminds me of an old movie called Muriel's wedding and that's probbaly the only thing I can say about it. As important as ABBA where for music It's not for me. But let it be know that it is no way bad; good even.


Damn I really love the guitar and drum parts here - if it only had a better hook to go with it...

6.5/10 I like how it got a folksy feel to it, but I've heard better ones.


It was beautiballs :'D

lul im so indy <3

I MAY have posted this before, but they just released a music video for it and they deserve more WAY recognition

7/10. That was pretty enjoyable.

7/10 Pretty good song with a catchy chorus.

7/10... wow, was certain that I was gonna hate that with every fiber of my being at first, but that was actually really good, catchy chorus, with an upbeat instrumental, that does a good job mixing the airy strings, and harsh guitar with the upbeat drums, and as much as the accent bothered me, the guy is actually a good rapper, talking about something that actually sounds important to him, as a human being, which makes it inherently relateable...<.<

This is what happens when you let DAmon Albarn score an opera...<.<


I have but one question: why don't I know that already? That stuff is right up my alley: a folksy Chinese feel with the typical instruments plus some cool experimental ideas, neat electronic interludes and layered vocals creates a very distinct and unique experience that nevertheless stays very listenable throughout it's runtime. Also it's based on a stage production - and if I love one thing it's music that tells a story on top of being good. Great stuff.

How about a very slow, yet very beautiful post rock piece, that is admittedly 80% build-up and is based upon the first crossing of Greenland made by an expedition led by Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen in 1888?

7/10. I disagree with your assessment of the song because that was 100% buildup that needed a bit of real payoff, but what it was was still quite pretty.

I love cheesy 80s stuff, even if it's made in the 2010s

80s all over again.
I remember that song! it's a perfect example of 80s fandom, cheese and all.

8/10 a solid song for a very solid band

8/10. I love The Pogues.

An alright song by an alright band. I do like that there's a(n awesome) midi version of Empire as an extra.

A decent song, plus it's by The Killers which is great but it's not really a favourite of mine.

6/10... while I appreciate the message, and the mostly good verses, it's all lost in between the soft beat, nonthreatening chorus, Yo-yos, and really out of place scratching... I miss when political music was nothing but fucking violent rage against the machine...<.<


Calm, rhythmic rap with a dark and mysterious touch to it - sounds really good and I love how the electronic sounds give the whole thing character and enough variation to carry it through those 3 and a half minutes.

Nothing terrible I just personally don't like it.


Just not for me. I don't know why. Maybe it feels rather popish, which makes my brain reject it. :-/

4/10. It started relatively promising-ly, but then it took a funny turn when the background music kicked in. The vocals don't really gel too well with the actual music, if that makes any sense. The vocalist has a brilliant flow, though.

0/10 wow, that was stupid... granted not everything they said was stupid, the Egyptians might've had access to electricity, but it's hardly a conspiracy, though like all 2 legitimate arguments are countered by immense stupidity...<.<

10/10 I love that fucking song it is easily the best one on the album

6/10. It would've been better, but the vocals were horribly produced.

5/10, no where near as bad as the stuff you usually post, I simply feel indifferent on this one, there's nothing to hate, but nothing to like, it simply falls to a resounding, "meh" and is utterly forgettable in every single way, it's been less than a minute and I've already forgotten everything about it...

6/10 pretty good, the reverb sounded good, and instrumentally it served it's purpose, but as good of as singer he is, it bother s me just how conventional of a singer his voice is... he's just not very distinct as a singer, and his songwriting is hardly unique and the song really suffers...<.<

Mind the quality, it's the best version on Youtube...


Has some nice touches through the guitar, pace changes and electro stuff but it just stays kinda bland for me.

6/10 - Great vocalist, but it's too slow a song for 12 minutes. They seem quite similar to Iron Maiden though, so I might check em out.


I assume it's from the anime soundtrack? Well it's....decent. I'm pretty annoyed by the auto-tune in the vocals and I think it really lacks a hook. The keyboard and the electronic sounds, however, mesh surprisingly well with the rest and I like the quiet part at around 2:00 a lot.

7/10 Liked it, if not a bit short.

It was a good soundtrack

0/10. So...boring...

2/10... more of the same that I've come to expect from you... with very little deviation... though I did actually like how sludgy it gets when the guitars are no where in site... the bass tone is actually really good, heavy and distorted, but still having some actual dynamic tonal qualities to it... other than that, pretty much worthless... though I do find it funny that one guy is using a telecaster... I guess it really doesn;t matter what guitar you use when you play this kind of music, because after all the production, distortion, and amps, it all sounds the same anyway...<.<

2/10 That was so horrendously boring and awful I can't even be bothered to critique it...Just urg...


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