Rate the song above you!

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6/10 pretty cool but not my style.

5/10 The singer didn't really fit, an the screaming didn't help.

5/10 just kinda...boring

6/10 Didn't really do anything for me.

8/10, who doesn't like Pantera?

4/10 Not my kind of music...

3/10 I can't get into it.

8/10 That was rather unexpected.

6/10 Not much of a Nirvana fan, and that was pretty average for Nirvana.

7/10 Ok for a video game tune.

9/10 Ahh REM! Cool video as well.

7/10, good but not my style.


It was okay. But I just couldn't get into it.

6/10 I love Cage the Elephant, but that's one of my least favorite songs by them.

5/10. Not my style.

7/10 pretty cool.

4/10 That was... not for me, I guess...

My second favorite Rush song.

9.5/10 Not my favorite Rush song, but it's awesome.

5/10 I liked how it started out, I just didn't like anything else...

Not my cup of tea.

8/10 Regina has such a sweet voice.

5/10 Nice song, just not for me.

7/10 it's a nice, uplifting classic. I've heard it before though (because of The Wall by Pink Floyd)

(probably my favorite part from Shine on you Crazy Diamond)

8/10. It's Pink Floyd. They're brilliant, and Wish You Were Here is my favourite record by them.

6/10 Good background/just surfing the web music, they seem like a tight band though.

6.5/10 Not really my thing, but not bad...

This thread already exists, and is still going:


(And for what it's worth - 7/10. Not a bad track at all, if only I understood Japanese.)

it linked me to some dumb website with a bunch of other links.

8/10 What to say? It's Wonderwall

Saw Enter Shikari live last weekend, such a great band


Vocalist's voice was too weedy to match the instrumentals...

Made me feel really spaced out and chill and confused at once <_>

Alright i guess, nothing special though and i've never played battlefield 2 so i have no fond memories connected to that game ^^

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