Rate the song above you!

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8/10 Luna sea are awesome :3

7/10 gotta love the clap :)

Eh 7 its not horrible not very good either

8/10 i love how he sings the lyrics :)

The first and last verses and refrains were very chill, but the following verses weren't as interesting.
I like the titular phrase.

dat bass
dat beat
and as a drummer, i admire the first part of the song:)
9/10 (because of bieber, sorry i just can't resist)

8/10 entertaining

10/10 for trigun

It's kinda generic. Not my kinda thing 4/10.

Megadeth is awesome.

3/10... too long and too boring...

9/10 Sounded like a blend of Iron Butterfly and Jimi Hendrix.... awesome!

7/10 a good lethargic vibe.

4/10... it's the epitome of nothing special...<.<


5/10 sounds like fast ska mixed with some hard rock and noise.

3/10... Really super disappointing after the extremely atmospheric and enclosing opening... almost Blade Runner esque for the beginning... after that it wasn't bad I guess... but it's just nothing special and if it were just the opening I would guarantee that it'd get at least a 7...<.<

More Pixies because I can...<.<

2/10... Those vocals. Why? The instrumental didn't sound very coherent.

Edit: ninja'd, @Sacman, I like this one far more. 7/10 Has an almost Gogol Bordello vibe to it (though I'm guessing Pixies predates them quite a bit). A few bits took me out of it a little though.

@ the song above. The vocals were a little generic to me, but it had a nice melody mixed with the harsher tone. A fairly haunting melody made for some nice instrumentals. 7/10

sorry, it's kind of long.

classic zappa 8/10

7/10 I liked the intro.

7/10 s'alright: video is kinda neat.

9/10 I loved the intro!

7/10 not a big peppers fan, but the guitar is nice.

9.7/11 I actually really liked that.

9/10... heh that was cool...<.<

8/10 es a great song... a little played out for me at this point, but I still like it... despite the fact that it seems to be suffering from schizophrenia...<.<

I've no idea how this song would be in the studio, but this band appears to be really badly mixed for this live act, unless it's intentional that the singer be inaudible for large parts of the song.
For me the song spends far too long going nowhere and doing nothing exciting, and then spends the rest of the song on a solo. Not my cup of tea, sorry!

Now may I present the wonderfully underrated White Lies!
Studio Version (Can't be embedded)


Meh, I don't really like modern rock. 4/10

7/10, fun little song. Upbeat and interesting to listen too!

8/10 Quite beautiful.

9/10 I'll see your Inner Universe & Raise you 1 "Rise".

6/10 Unique, but not necessarily good...

6/10... I like the Pillows usually... but haven't been in the mood for them lately... just underwhelming...

Moar Dinosaur Jr...because I can...

7/10. Before I played it, I thought that this would be some crappy dubstep (nobody should likes that), but this song turned out OK. Not too bad, but still very catchy.

7/10 have some more faith in Ambrose. This is a series based on a history book after all.

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