Rate the song above you!

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9/10 I'll see your Inner Universe & Raise you 1 "Rise".

6/10 Unique, but not necessarily good...

6/10... I like the Pillows usually... but haven't been in the mood for them lately... just underwhelming...

Moar Dinosaur Jr...because I can...

7/10. Before I played it, I thought that this would be some crappy dubstep (nobody should likes that), but this song turned out OK. Not too bad, but still very catchy.

7/10 have some more faith in Ambrose. This is a series based on a history book after all.

7/10 I liked it. I think it's really interesting.

8/10 Oh, I actually heard that before it is a pretty awesome metal cover.

9/10 pretty awesome. Speaking of spain...

10/10 That was freaking awesome!

8/10 pretty cool.

9/10 Rammstein is awesome.

6/10 is okay.

9/10. Classic rock, where did that genre go?

7/10 not bad

8/10 good, but I'm not really the type to listen to songs that reach 10:00 and up...

6/10 I don't even...

6/10 s'alright.

8/10 I like that one.

5/10 Never really liked that song...

Hell yeah, Boston! 9/10

6/10 Just really not my thing.

7/10 it's all right.

8/10 Reminds me of the opening to Good Mourning, Black Friday by Megadeth.


Still not my kind of music. >.>

2/10 D: Does not like...

7/10, I actually enjoyed that quite a bit. I just felt it dragged just a little bit maybe.

@Sac: Yeah but my friend wrote that.

9/10 I liked that more then I thought I would.

@Sac: Yeah but my friend wrote that.

9/10 I liked that more then I thought I would.

Same happened to me when I was shown the song.

OT: 9/10, simply because if I give it a ten, Tim's song 'white wine in the sun' would leave the scale :P

8/10 Sounded kind of familiar.

8/10 Sounded kind of familiar.

Well I know the singer, and he said it was meant to be similar to some of Muse's stuff, so that might be it....

OT: 5/10 not really my cup of tea to be honest.

7/10 S'alright. :o

Should sound familiar. >.>


Should sound familiar. >.>

Nope not in the slightest...<.<

The 60 year old bassist is singing...


Just... I dunno... it's just... bleh... first off it's too long second off second it's not entertaining... it doesn't sound good and fails dynamically in the sense that there's very little sense of pacing and the whole thing is just much too clustered the entire way through and by the end all that's left is a mirage of pounding drums random guitar squeals and faint dramatic chanting... not good... 3/10...

Interpol is win.

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