The Setting Of The Last Game You Were In Is Your New Home

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Oh christ no...

I'm trapped in the Aperture Laboratories

Wow, I think I won the game, I'm just going to brew me up some Mudders milk and chill out looking through that Planar Telescope above the office of the unseen.

...gears of war...My reaction is as follows:

The last game I played was Batman: Arkham Asylum to prepare for Arham City. So it would be The Elizabeth Arkham for the criminal insane. Bummer.

So, I'm on the falling planet of reach? SWEET! I get my own working MJOLNIR armor!

New Marias for me, so weird creatures, a milita, and ice guys...awesome

Dr. West's mansion from Splatterhouse? Hmmm... That could work If I can kill all the monsters, clean the place up a bit, maybe put up some drapes...

EDIT: oh look my GIF hasn't loaded yet, how long do these things typically take?

hmm. Rage well at least on the scale of post apocaliptia horribelness its pretty low so... yeah that ull do pig that ull do

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare.

Well crap. I'd be fine without the undead part.

Huh, The splinter cell universe.

YAY, standing in shadows = completely invisible. Awesome.

Resistance 2 so chimeran occupied America I hope I get to be one of the big chimera at least D:

The last game I played was NBA jam: on fire edition... I guess you could say I live in Indiana since that was the home team...

If it is the last video game I played, then hello to the Europe consuming, America's conquering and India-bashing British Empire of 1746. Hopefully I get a plaque or something for all my efforts...

If it is the last table-top game I played (which is the last game I played) Hello Eberron! And an especially fond hello to The Vale. As long as the siege defences planned by my character hold out, I won't be eaten by the encroaching zombie horde! Woo!

Dark Souls' world? Oh, dear.

Agreed. But it isn't so bad. I mean, if you aren't an undead, then you probably aren't anywhere near Firelink Shrine and all associated death-monsters. More likely is that you are in some unrevealed human settlement or part of one of the magic collectives (I vote on being a Pyromancer from the Swamp!).

Alternatively, if you are an undead, you have a darksign, meaning you can't actually be perma-killed, which is nice.

Dark Souls' world? Oh, dear.

Yup, we're boned.

Over, and over, and over, and over....

Silent Hill.


i guess i live in Tamriel. at least i could trek out to Skyrim before it actually comes out!

So now I'm in the world of the Pokemon card game? Well, as long as there's more than just the 200 some-odd cards in the game, I'm all for it.

I live in fucking EMPIRE CITY.

Good God, I hope Cole Mcgrath has good karma.

New Marais. Crap. All I can do is hope Cole is going for good karma instead of evil karma. And that still doesn't help with the crazy-ass, gun happy miltia and swamp monsters roaming the streets. Fun times.

The Wastelands of Rage, it's not so bad for a post-apoc wasteland, there's food, water, and electricity, plus everyone has a gun and a bitchin' Mad Max car.

So, I'm living in the Overlord setting?
Not too i get to be the Overlord or am I me?

Nano augumentations that wont be rejected by my body? In an age that has loads of flying vehicles? And the grand conspiracy has been solved?
:D :D
Yes, I would be very happy in the deus ex world. Very happy indeed :)

I'm in RE4... At what point in the game am I stuck in?
Not good unless I'm Leon.... Still not that great.
But I have the Tommy Gun with unlimted ammo so I could just collect all the red, yellow and green herbs I can carry..

I live in fucking EMPIRE CITY.

Good God, I hope Cole Mcgrath has good karma.

lol then infamous 2 happens and your fucked lol

I am in Cyrodiil. Well then. We will see how that works out.

Ivalice of Final Fantasy Tactics?
I just started playing the game. Is this a good place to live?

The forbidden land in Shadow of the Colossus? There's nothing to do here. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF--

Aww man, I was playing Minecraft. I don't wanna have to jump 3 feet into the air any time I try to go somewhere!

Crusades-era Jerusalem. Guess I get to make snarky comments about people climbing the side of buildings and fend off beggars and lepers for the rest of eternity... *sigh*

afro samurai era japan.......fuck yeah....

Serious Sam The Random Encounter. Hells yea! :3
I mean, ancient egypt, fighting off endless waves of space demons........
without rest.....
wait a minute whats that noise


*sees endless sea of kamikazes*


So... a Rome of genetic clones with a few of those clones being murderous bastards? I've been assigned to kill the barber.

Newerth? I think I can live with that as long as I stay out of the Hellbourne's way... Mostly...

Shangri-la. Awesome. (I was playing a multiplayer match in Uncharted 2.)

If multiplayer doesn't count, then I'm living in the wild west. Meh. At least the prostitutes are kinda sexy.

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