The Setting Of The Last Game You Were In Is Your New Home

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Orcs Must Die!
Yep... this'll be fun, setting up traps and shooting magical arrows at orcs with mah crossbow.

Diablo II, act one, Rogues encampment.

So, I get to play some poker with Gheed and then try and romance Charsi. She can re-forge my horadric phallus any time. nugde, nudge, wink, wink, say no more.

I am now made of LEGO. And I'm a pirate. Sweet.

Arkham Asylum I suppose, but I'm moving to the city when I get home tonight.

Grand Theft Auto 2..
I really hope i get cheats, or im fucked.

Dwarf Fortress.
oh shi-

i feel your pain,i feel it.problem is,I was playing vindicus with dwarf fortress running in the background waiting of the little idiots to finish building something,now what?

Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Well, I'm fucked.

oh great, pacific city. not only do I live in the city with the worst name ever, but between the freaks trying to eat me, the cell trying to terrorize me and the agency trying to oppress me, there's just no quiet

I'm doomed to a world of ash storms and Cliff Racers forever... oh joy.

Erm... the last game I played was Artificial Academy. Don't google it, kiddos, but let's just say I'm pretty happy with my new home.

You bad bad man!!! :D What is it for again?

Fallen London.

Well... At least it's quiet down here?

Warhammer 40000.

NO. . .

NO. . .


Arkham City... I think I should go hide now

Akham City.. and before that I was playing Dead Rising 2: OTR.
I'm screwed either way.

warhammer space marine...well if i get to be a space marine....awesome!
if not then i'm in some serieus trouble.

Yes! Life in minecraft. Good thing I have so much experience with that.

A hockey rink now?


Holy shit I live in azeroth! Winning!!! The game I played before that was FIFA12.... I dont think I could live at Old trafford Manchester lol

Sovereign _909:
So I live on the Citadel from Mass Effect 2...

"I'm commander shepard, and this is my favorite store on the citadel."
enjoy listening to that. a hundred times. every day.

Warhammer 40000.

NO. . .

NO. . .


Same. The future sucks, there's only war and we're most likely to be eaten by tyranids.

(now where did that quote come from? I forgets.)

I can already hear the Batfist a-coming for me :(

*hides in dumpster, Detective Mode ain't gonna find me there*

Who to follow, Redmond or Blutarch?!

World of Warcraft? Yes! I get to sprint back to my corpse every time I die! I did log out in Org though, so that means I'll have to listen to people whining in trade. Dang.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

I'm so gonna die.......

Assassins Creed 2 Venice, well I guess I'll be look for treasure boxes for awhile.

Ah shit, I just downloaded sonic adventure for some nostalgic platforming. Now I'm stuck with a bunch of assholes. Eternity in the Chao garden...

Well France between 1940 and 1945.. I guess with luck I will survive. Better though hook up with the resistance you know become one of the victors later. That are be killed in action.

Yup I played The Saboteur, after a Yellow Death for my old PS3 the safe was buggered. So kinda have to start again. Now I already own this refurb one a year or so... it is a fun game you know! And at least I can look at the lovely ladies oh yes!

koth_manor event??? hopefully, the horselessheadman wont kill me in my sleep.

I was just playing No More Heroes, so Santa Destroy. I guess I better start chasing down those assassins.

Should have loaded up Deus Ex and got one of these built into my right arm:

The Evrant Knight:
The Saboteur's Paris. Well, at least the Belle De Nuit has some beautiful company (if you know what I mean), plus loads of stuff to blow to kingdom come.

Oh hi there want a pint, yeah the girls are lovely today. To bad of the germans though but what can you get right. [same here ;)]

So...I now live in the world of Maple Story, huh?

Well...Mu Lung isn't that bad a place to live in, since that's where I was last. Just beware of Tae Roon, the Giant Centipede, and the Bamboo Ninja...

Dark Souls' world? Oh, dear.

Ive got the same problem

I know, I'll be your summon :P

The Zone
no prob, I'll just sit at the campfire all day playin an acoustic guitar and probably will be alright


which sucks cos im playing the British...

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