The Setting Of The Last Game You Were In Is Your New Home

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Arkham City?
Well at least I finished the main story before I answered.

Hey! That's where I just moved to. So...What are you in for?

I'm innocent. Lawyer fucked me. [/Shawshank Redemption]

Hmmm I guess I live in Cyrodiil. Looks like I'll be murdering people and making potions/poisons.

I'm a Fukuhara Warlord in 12th century Japan. Every other clan hates me but that's not important, they'll be dead soon anyways.

Vvardenfell! FUCK YEAH!!!

All my dreams coming true, just hope its in 3E... or maybe before the blight whatever.

Good thing I cleared myself a mansion in Balmora, now I can begin cleansing the isle from Mud-crabs and cliff-racers like the mighty Jiub!

Pokemon? Fucking win =D I know crap Ash didnt, like all the Pokemon, how to EV train and where the legendaries are. ALL WILL BOW BEFORE ME!

So, I live on some ship somewhere having to fight off plant things. Huh.

The Mojave Wasteland. Gonna try and make a living here, or just join the NCR. Will probably die in a painful way.

Fallout 3, so a destroyed and radioactive america. I think I'd rather stay in vault 101. There's no way I would survive in the wasteland!

Arkham City?


The Shire in Lord of the Rings Online.

Hell yes.

I live in the demented mind of a young English girl. This might get ugly.

So I get to raise hell in Panau, eh?

Was playing PAYDAY : The Heist. So I guess I still live completely normally...? Ain't alot of banks to rob around here or anything.

15th Century Rome? Awesome! I'd have to learn the language pretty fast though and avoid Templar vs Assassin conflict. Pity I wasn't playing AC2 though, I much prefer Venice!

Well, New Austjn wouldn't have been terrible, but I guess I'm in Appaloosa Plians, the Sims 3 Pets world. Glad I can redecorate anytime I want. And that my life span was put on epic yesterday.

I am in the process of playing -and installing mods on- X3: Terran Conflict. So I guess I get to command my fleet of capital ships and be the new evil overlord for the solar system. yay?

last game I played was Trapt. so I now live with a woman who uses Iron Maidens and bear traps as decorations. She's definitly my kind of girl.


Not bad could be worse, just hope theres no sodding blood mages around or some jackass with a beard an a quiff starts a war between the templars and the mages.

1970's Australia? okay i can live with that I suppose. (TF2 if I'm mistaken correct me)

I live in The Matrix...shit. Shit, shit, shit. I'm probably not THE ONE, so that must mean I'm canon fodder. Shit.

I live in C&C: Red Alert? A skirmish at that?

Okay, fine by me. I was playing a map with Super-Civilians anyway.

So I live in Dark Cloud's world now?
Brb, Atla.

Hmmm, I now live on Pandora. Oh well, guess I better reload my shotty and watch out for skags and bandits on my travels (yes the last game I played was borderlands).

I guess I'm off to get eaten in the Zone then. No way in hell I'd ever survive STALKER's world.

Excuse me while I go amputate my arms and get robot ones. May as well do the legs too, then.
Yay Deus Ex: HR!

Playing Dark Souls....
Lordran it is then...... :(

Well, fuck. It's Wreaclast. Guess I'll go drown myself... Oh wait, that won't help.

I'm stuck in the New Vegas wasteland of Fallout? Well, I guess it's time to go join the NCR and find escorts for lonely people.

I am fleet command for the Hiigaran defense fleet then. I live in the Mothership. awesome.

I get to live in the world of Dungeon Defenders? Do I live there as one of the heroes or an inevitably doomed mob?

FONV,s Mojave wasteland
I,m screwed!

I get to live in an undead world where I cannot die?
Crap... Wish I played Arkham City instead of Dark Souls

This is a good thing.
Time to protect these wastes.


There's worse places, I guess.

I was kinda multi tasking so... Monster Hunter or Gran Pulse...

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