The Setting Of The Last Game You Were In Is Your New Home

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The Saboteur's Paris. Well, at least the Belle De Nuit has some beautiful company (if you know what I mean), plus loads of stuff to blow to kingdom come.

Cyrodiil! Well, it'll be pretty sweet, until daedra become really strong and bandits have daedric/glass armour, then well.... shit....

Wonderland? I can live with that. Even if it is American McGee's fucked up version.

Borderlands Pandora for me, time to shoot some Skags

San Fierro, insert Obama not bad meme.

Arkham City. Find some obscure villains, and hide together in an air vent.

I'm in Cyrodiil. I'm pretty sure EVERYBODY has access to magic there. I just need to learn a low level conjuration spell and practice my sword and shield play long enough to be able to take on the wilderness and I'm set!

Seriously, that world would have to be one of the best places to be. Need a place to sleep? Join a guild. Need cash? Walk around until a bandit attacks you, kill them, take their shit, and sell it. Dinner for a week.

Stalingrad. Oh dear God.

the london docklands.

it could be worse.

either the lovely land of Dark Souls, or the dungeons in Gauntlet for NES...



last game I played was Trapt. so I now live with a woman who uses Iron Maidens and bear traps as decorations. She's definitly my kind of girl.

you are a fantastic person for having played that game.

Resident Evil 5.
I live I Africa that's not so bad...
but with zombies ...
I think I am screwed.

Aw, crap. Last game I played was Demon's Souls...
Dying over and over and being trapped in the Nexus doesn't sound like a lot of fun. :<

Burnout Crash? Eh...let's skip that one. Before that I think it was Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, so that'd be kind of interesting.

Reach....... FFFFUUUUUUU..........

league of legends? um o..k, me screw.

Bugger, patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter.

Super Mario Bros 3 era Mushroom Kingdom...

Could be worse.

I'll be bar BBQing with Shelden on Panau if you need me.

The Thief verse city. I can live with this, so long as I get to become an awesome master thief.

Dark Souls, guess I'm dying, suppose on the plus side I'm now technically immortal.

Sigil. Awesome. City of Doors, hopefully that means if I don't like it I can planar travel out :)

Super Mario Bros 3 era Mushroom Kingdom...

Could be worse.

Sweet! Try and import some Yoshi eggs. Hope the world's at least as well voiced as the cartoon :D

Dawn of War

Oh go fuck yourself.

I live on the Earth with a strange floating hex-grid. (It was Civ 5)

Crap I'm on Noveria, cold, corporate bullshit, Reapers in roughly three years....Not lookin good for me.

Half-Life: Opposing Force, so I now live in Black Mesa... Fuck.

*Sigh* Well, if I can find a shockroach, that might make my inevitable horrible, painful death marginally more bearable, because shockroaches are just that awesome.



Mann Manor? Provided I don't have the headless horseman running around, or indeed the constant pitched battles, I think I could do worse.

Starcraft 2? Sweet.

Ready to Roollll out!

I live in Rock Band 3's venues?

What remains of the world after the calamity... Damn.

Arkham City?
Well at least I finished the main story before I answered.


I am so fucked at this point.

I'm in Ferelden?

...Huh. Could be... worse, I suppose.

I now live in Kirkwall. Hrrrm... I know that the champion is shagging that hot elf, but the mage fellow he hangs around with looks needy and alone.

16th century rome... after Borgia rule, not bad I guess

The 41st Millenium on Forge World Graia.

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