The Setting Of The Last Game You Were In Is Your New Home

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Lordran from Dark Souls? Shit...

Last game was Wind Waker...i'm going exploring...though i'm not very good at sailing

Ah. Arkham City. Oh God.

Purgatory. I better find a strong tribe. On the plus side, I'll never have to worry about a food shortage.

(Digital Devil Saga)

I'm stuck on Dust2, condemned to reenact CS until the end of time.

So I live in New Austin? Sweeeeeet. As long as I can avoid the bounty hunters and everything else in RDR that can kill you.

Pokke Village. Hmm. There may only be about ten people, all of whom speak gibberish and half of whom are talking cats or shrunken trolls, but at least I'll be some kind of God-like being who can safely jump off mountains, swing a sword that is significantly heavier than me, and wake up with only a mild concussion after being bodyslammed by a dragon the size of a building.

I get to live in Vvardenfell? Hell yes! I'm going to go club some bears up at Solstheim.

There's a boat from Khuul if you have any reason to go.

Arkham City?
Well at least I finished the main story before I answered.

Aw hell, I haven't yet. Well this sucks.

I'm halfway(ish) through Resident Evil 4 for like the 5th time. It looks like i'm stuck in Salazar's Castle...

At least I have some company;


Aw sockmonkies! Everyone is dead/in a coma and the entire ship is controlled by a malevolent/incompetent security guard. While being eaten by plants. Oh well, at least it's survivable.

Im stuck on the planet from Spial Knights. It looks kinda Kingdom-Hearts-ey, theres a lot to explore an I get a day off between each dungeon. Not a bad life when all is said.

Damn. I'm going to end up like one of those political prisoners in Arkham City then. Not looking forward to it >_<

Well that would be Touhou 9, which lands me in Gensokyo...
That's either wonderful or terrifying, I can't tell which.

So i am stuck in WH 40k univers on a unkown planet. And i am impreial guard...

Well might as well take this hot lazer gun to my own forhead

Renaissance Italy...

Everyone's having sex...


Nolun Village from Dark Cloud? That's okay I guess.

Just played DOOM II... D: *succumbs to paranoia*

Terraria.... So its time to find a sky island and build my mansion up there.

I get to live inside 2Fort? Would be sweet provided there's not an army of the RED guys across the bridge trying to think of the many ways they can murder me and take my briefcase. It's MY brieface dammit!

Darkfall here. I'm gonna get ganked.

Renaissance Italy...

Everyone's having sex...


Yours so lucky

-The last from gaurdsman words from numb: 9994-

The last thing I did in a game was record some of my Half-Life LP. So I live in Black Mesa. One question, though...

Are the aliens and marines still going to be hunting me down?

Well, at least I'm with at least one other Escapist.

Half-Life: Opposing Force, so I now live in Black Mesa... Fuck.

*Sigh* Well, if I can find a shockroach, that might make my inevitable horrible, painful death marginally more bearable, because shockroaches are just that awesome.

Lucky you. I don't get that kind of privilege. I'm stuck with a tau cannon and snarks.


I'm in Liberty City...
This sucks.

Dwarf Fortress.
oh shi-


OT: Im stuck in League of Legends T-T this is goin to hurt.

Panau from Just Cause 2.

Welp. I'll just be going into my bunker and hope some dude doesn't come and hook shot me to the back of a passing automobile.

So I guess I live in Lordan, the world of Dark Souls

...Fuck my life

Pokemon Heart Gold. I'm in Johto?! That is awesome.

Dark souls.

Ivalice (FFT-series). I want to join a clan of rebels an go on exciting adventures, challenge other clans for duels and fight dangerous monsters. My world just became awesome :-)

Well, the last game I played was Eve Online, so.. holy mother of fuck, I'm in New Eden!

Arkhan City... Time to enact my ingenious plan to coinside all Batman villans into one (mostly (alright only kinda)) peaceful group. I've got it all worked out. If not then I'll see you all in heaven!

(Xenoblade) So i'm living on Bionis, probably Colony 9...I think i could really enjoy life there as long as I didnt get caught in a mechon attack

Hmmm... I live in the League of Legends lore. Interesting... do I get to be one of my mains too? Just sayin' that it would be a lot more fun if I was a powerful prophet with a sexy fashion sense and desire to wear purple or a big crystal scorpion.

Well, the last game I played was Eve Online, so.. holy mother of fuck, I'm in New Eden!

Go into null-sec space. You know you want to. *evil grin*

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