Every Post Must Have a Video

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...And thats why I don't do Warhammer40K...

My DO NOT WANT video.

It was awesome when he returned. Just listen to the crowd's reaction!

My favorite real let's play.


I can't wait for Chris Jericho to return to WWE again.

Bumping with awesomeness!

Nothing to add really...

We need some Gmod up in here.

Well then it's a good thing about half of my subscriptions are to Gmod video creators...

......the nostalgia.......IT BURNS!


The funniest YTP I've seen in a while!

I'll promote my vid too! Since some people posted their own LP's. This is a LP we just started. Hope you guys will enjoy it. :3

Here is another vid though,

By my fav. commentator! :D

My favourite Hellsing Ultimate ending song.

The Rock is awesome.

Just saying.

It's game related I guess

My favorite holiday song.

One of the best anime villian themes.

A per Fairy Tail tradition you have till the count of three till I pass judgement.




One of my favorite Judy and Mary songs.


Time for a classic

I can actually picture Hidan singing this too.

One of my favourite Lucky Star moments.

Evil beware indeed.

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