Poll: Morrowind>Oblivion>Skyrim

Honestly I think the series has been on a downward trend since Morrowind. Morrowind had a huge amount of options and things to do, plus the expansions were all huge, not just some stupid houses. Oblivion kept some of the feel of the game alive, but removed many skills, and basically took an RPG and turned it into an action game, just like Mass Effect 2 was an abhorrent abomination of the first game. However, it wasn't all bad and still was somewhat like the source material. Skyrim just took the formula, killed it then made it into some cheap hack and slash. The game is definitely aimed at casual gamers. One hit kill executions? Becoming overpowered by level eight on master? Don't even get me started on how they ruined all the arcane arts. I'm glad the game is known as Skyrim, because it definitely is not an Elder Scrolls game.

Pretty strong words, I'll be honest. But I understand your meaning. Morrowind definitely had more detailed RPG elements in it than Oblivion. Oblivion was a lot more action-focused. Although I think that Skyrim has more detailed stuff to it than Oblivion did, at least in areas that matter to me. The whole idea of experimenting with ingredients instead of instantly learning their effects every milestone of alchemy is just one example. Perk trees are cool too.

But overall, I prefer Skyrim, so far. I've only played it for a few days, and it had engrossed me more than any other Elder Scrolls game has. I like the new combat. I couldn't care less about some of the simplification that people had raved about (like body armor as one piece as opposed to greaves and breastplate). Most of all, the world brought me in more than any other Elder Scrolls game.

I personally haven't found too much in the way of cheap, hack-and-slash stuff in Skyrim either. I've been playing at the medium difficulty (adept, I think it's called) and I find that I often need to think my way through battles in certain dungeons. It could be because I picked the dumbest character build (Nord mage who wears robes and a hood with only heavy gauntlets and boots for armor and dual-wields axes for standard melee) or that I'm complete garbage at the game, but I haven't found it to be too plain and simple.

So, yes, I like Skyrim the most, if you couldn't already tell.

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Never played Morrowind, couldn't finish Oblivion because it got so boring and broken, still loving Skyrim at about 90 hours of play.

Oh, and for the record? I'm not sure a game as massive as Skyrim can ever be said to be aimed at casual gamers - if you've got a choice between half an hour of Wii sports or a five hour dungeon crawl to finish a questline, the casual will probably go with the former.

I think the reason Morrowind still appeals to the old-school TES Players as the superior game is due to the fact it was the last elder scrolls game that you would have difficulty finishing unless you really paid attention.

Oblivion was a walk in the park in comparison, even on the hardest difficulty it wasn't exactly a challenge. Plus the game would mark out everywhere you had to go for you and give you the option to travel straight to it, cheating you out of the experience of walking across a beautiful world and searching for the location yourself - which is something familiar to Morrowind players. Also Morrowind was all hand crafted - otherwise every inch of the terrain was designed by a person, not computer generated like alot of oblivion's landscape.

I have yet to play Skyrim, its sitting at home waiting for me to arrive back in the country but im quite interested to see it live up to the hype it has been given. The only problem with hyping up a game so much is that people become so anxious to play this game that is completely going to re-define their life and when it doesn't...... its only a natural reaction to feel disappointed. Morrowind didn't exactly have a large hype up before its release, Oblivion and Skyrim on the other hand has.

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