What is the big weakness of the avatar above?

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Look at the avatar above and come up with a thematic vulnerability to suit it.

An unoriginal example would be if the avatar above was a vampire the vulnerability could be sunlight, garlic, running water, etc.

A Japanese anime catgirl could have the vulnerability of tentacles, ferocious kitties, the as yet unheard of doggirl, or any other strange creation you could come up with.

... a lack of creche facilities...(!)

It has a weakness to rainbows!

It's weakness is fire!!!

His weakness is a no hat policy.

... non-functioning brake pedal...

Not enough cowbell!

Is a jack of all trades, except being an astronaut.

Limited toileting facilities.

Heroes. They tend to kill minotaurs.

Rapists :3

Bullets >:D

Unhappiness! D:

A no hat policy :P

Been done!

OT: Joke free zones!

OH man I thought I was being clever :P

OT: Fire of course :P

Staring <_<

A broken pointy finger.

The Slaughterhouse!

Jam made from pearls.

*Reference FTW*

I love you man. And erm, Kathleen? I think she crashed it quite a few times during Desert Bus for Hope.

Stray dogs.


A whole pound cake.... Oh, and with a pound of salt.

Doc Gnosis:
A whole pound cake.... Oh, and with a pound of salt.

Captain america (you remind me of the red skull)

A sword

Garbage man Jesus.

lack of caffeine

Rule-breakers that happen to have Anti-Air infantry/tanks.

Garbage man Jesus.

Need I say, "It's garbage day?!"

Evolution, baby!


A very warm summers day.

Cattle crossing.

Spare time! :D

Damn distracting forums! It's quite late now.

I predict your weakness to be ... affection.

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