What is the big weakness of the avatar above?

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A cattle grid.

Maybe a Christmas party.

wine stains on your suit.

Arm getting tired and no longer being able to hold it up

It has no substance and has no skeleton!

I thought I'd be above this........


The road.

I might as well do mine as well... Hurricanes/Wind. You will get it if you know the anime it is from and a little bit of Japanese perhaps.

You've seen right through me! D:

OT: Xbox!

A steam sale.

Doesn't look good in a suit.


Demon water. <.<

A barber

A suit


Awesomeness... >.>

a tan

Regular eyeglasses instead of shades.

A man in uniform! ;D

He's too friendly.

A Snake Oil salesman.

Temporary blindness.

Eye dryness.


Un-colour fast socks in the wash.

It really ruins green.

Running out of petrol

Running out of air but looks like that's already happening.


Losing his cool hat

Losing his tail!

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