Vote for Me!

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Vote for me and nobody get's hurt!

Vote for me and you'll all get hurt!

In a nice way. <.<

Vote for me and all your bases belong to us!

Vote for me. Do it now.


Vote for me.

It's the only logical possibility.

I'm the only legal choice so vote for me.

I'm the choice you dreamed about.

Vote for me! >:o

Vote for me, one of us, one of us...

Vote for me and this thread will move up the thread lists more often. >_>

Vote for me and the writing backwards thread(as well as some others) wont continue to be ignored.

Vote for me and free wi-fi 4LYFE!

If you vote for me I will record a song in your honor.

Vote for me and dinosaurs will...uun-extinct themselves!

Vote for me and have a cartoon made in your honor.

Vote for me, or I'll rig the election

Vote for me and one of your dreams might come true eventually. Also, get a free piece of chocolate when you vote for me.

Vote for me I'll lie to your face with a smile.

I always tell the truth half the time and never lie the other half... Vote For Me! I will kill you!

Vote for me and there will be cake.

Vote for me and we will finally get flying cars and jetpacks.

Vote for me and I'll make Grifball a real game!

Vote for me and youtube will be purged of it's awful people who make comments!

Vote for me and live in a democracy, vote for my opponent and live in a brutal dictatorship led by me

Vote for me. Vote for threads that are no longer forgotten.

Vote for me
Or don't...whatever...I don't care

Vote for me and you'll never have to wait to use the bathroom ever again.

Vote for me and be amazed by my magic tricks!

Vote for me and there will be free bacon when you pay your taxes.

Vote for me and listen to me ramble on about many things!

Vote for me or no promises will be made.

Vote for me and I shall refocus the entire military budget on weaponising cuteness.

Vote for me and no longer will your armpits smell!

No, vote for me and your armpits will always smell fresh and clean.

Vote for me and your armpits will smell nice and women or men will flock to you.

Vote for me and your armpits will make you president one day!

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