Mall Fight - Back To Basics (Open)

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Mall Fight, a forum game as old as time itself. Ok, maybe not that old, but it's been around for quite a while.
The premise is quite simple, everyone is trapped within a Mall, stretching in all directions and containing every type of shop imaginable (Apart from a few, but we'll get to that). Your aim is this: Have ridiculous, ridiculous amounts of fun while doing horrible, horrible things to your fellow players.

Mall Fight has a few rules, just so everyone has a good time:

1 - No Weapon or God power Stores of any kind. Any stores that carry weapons do not exist, or have the weapon sections removed. Now, things such a guns, swords, knives, axes ect, are all considered 'Banned' items but sporting equipment I'll allow (To a certain degree). Making your own weapons is also ok, after all what fun is there in killing someone with a shotgun blast to the face when you can build a catapult that hurls walrus faeces at your opponents?

2 - No leaving The Mall. It is call Mall Fight for a reason you know.

3 - No permanent player death. When you die, you respawn

4 - There is no rule 4

Other than that, have a great time, and enjoy your stay.

Free For All!





I spawn, and go to the nearest EB Games store, where I grab a Nintendo 64 controller, which I begin sharpening

I spawn in the same EB Games store, and knock a pile of retro XBOXs onto Knife, crushing him to death.

I respawn, retrieve my N64 controller, and use it to knock Eric over, making him to hit his head on the table, and causing him to die of a brain hemorrhage.

I respawn in a spa staffed by lolis.

"Awesome!" I yell as a loli walks up to me.

"May I help you, sir?" she asks.

"Uh, one second."

I rush off, grab Knife, bring him to the sana, and drown him in one of the pools.

I hit Eric and Knife with a glass bottle of VODKA and throw them in the pool.
I hide in an Irish Bar.



I find Knife. "Knife, is this-"


I burst into the Irish Bar by parachute, holding a cane and wearing outrageously fancy clothes.

"Another Mall Fight, eh? Looks like it's time for murder, G style!" (Me)

I stab Diablo in the head with the cane.

I react and throw my drink in Martin's eyes before getting him with a nut shot.

I spawn, break into the Outdoors-Life store, steal a canoo and ride it down the escalators. I crash into a nearby ice-cream stand, sending me flying into the the local Irish bar, where I find myself a bottle of Jim Beam before realizing I punctured both my lungs in the crash. I die horribly.

Respawn in 3...2...1

I rush over to Reality and revive him with some shock paddles I made from tin foil and some AA battery.
I then rip his heart out to get credit for the kill.

I respawn, get brained with a flying ice cream scoop, then respawn again. I go to the nearest electronics store and grab the nearest pair of earbuds, which I the use flail Bryghtside.

Using a pair of boxing gloves, I perform a heart transplant on Knife.
Hellva mess.

I respawn in the TF2 store, where I get a malfunctioning Valve Rocket Launcher that I then use to smash Diablo's head in.

He dies due to the fact that the Valve Rocket Launcher is fucking heavy.

I respawn and pick up a Fighting Game Pad and ram it up Martin's ass.

I scream with the voice of a 10-year old girl, shove out the Game Pad and shove it down Diablo's throat before jumping into a pit of lava.

Diablo gains 500 XP for the Humiliation bonus.

I respawn, and flail Tox with my ear buds.

I respawn and Bryghtside the flail with a Bryghtside.

I Sam G Bryghtside with a Tox Knife while Ren RaNs a Waffle Aitruis.

I also bend Eric.

I come back as a zombie for the hell of it and eat Martin too death.

I respawn by bursting out of Diablo's chest and throwing him in a pit filled with razor blades.

I respawn at a Hardware store next to a sex shop.
I attack Martin with this:

I die just by the sight of it and respawn in the Chinatown, where I start building a barricade.

I Buy a few dozen Fireworks, light them and aim at Martin, for Massive Damage.

I grab onto a firework and redirect it to Diablo, killing us both.

Now, how I managed to ride a firework is way beyond me.

I spawn in another Pub.
I set up a trap behind the frontdoor and tie it by a string on my finger

I respawn in the pub next to Diablo. "So, sup?"

"Oh nothing much, in a different universe, I nukes thousands of Ponies"
I smash my glass into Knife's face.

I slap Diablo. "That be crazy talk boy!" I say, before throwing him in the trapdoor.

Ouch. Having been revived, killed, and now respawned again, I notice that I still somehow hold my Jim Beam flask. Noticing Knife-28 nearby, I proceed to smash it over his face.
"Mm, burbon and blood" I murmur to myself as I lick my now bleeding fingers.

I hit the wall near the door and throw a used condom at Knife.

"Why is everyone hittying me overr the heed with alcohal todoy?" I say, before collapsing through the trapdoor and landing in the sewers.

I spawn in the Hot Topic and browse it's wares.

I walk out, dressed as an emo.


"Punk is nothing but DEATH and the RAGE OF THE BEAST. Like pigs...from a gun!"

I respawn, and blow up the Hot Topic with garden fertiliser.

I respawn and blow up the garden fertiliser by throwing Knife in it.

Also, second page! WOO!

I blow up Knife by throwing Martin in it.
I'm drunk, alright?

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