Mall Fight - Back To Basics (Open)

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"That was a completely pointless set-up! The fuck?" I yelp.

I respawn in a nearby arcade.

I proceed to build an arcade fort o3o

Hmmm it's rather lonely in this fort dododo hmmm boring I'm going to sleep

I look down from the bookforts battlements to see Over killing Trilby. "How the hell'd you get in my bookfort?!" I say.

"But, we're in a book fort..." I say, pointing at the surrounding litereature.

"I'll have a look." I say, before ducking down behind the battlements then reapearing a moment later with the book. "Yes, yes we do." I then through the book at Over's face. Hard.

I push the ladder backwards off the battlements.

The wall trembles, and with a cry of "Ohhhh Shhiiitttt.", I fall with it, trapping both me and Over under the rubble.

"" I say, taken by surpise by the question. While thinking of a response, I notice the letter opener laying just within arms reach. I work on freeing my arm so I can grab it.

I look at the letter opener, then at Knife. I kick him in the face.

I break some of the older arcade cabinets and make a sword out of their scraps.

Due to the weakened structure of the book fort, more of it collapses, crushing Trilby, Over and myself. I then respawn and take control of DJ DenM's matress fort.

I look over the battlements of the matress fort to see Over standing there looking all pyromainiatic.
"Awww hell naww." I say, before unleashing the deadliest weapon in my arsonal...THE SOFT CUSHION!

I continue to pelt Over with soft cushions. Like, literal soft cushions.

The flaming arrow causes all the spriklers to activate, all of them. Needless to say the Mall is quickly starting to flood.

I respawn behind over wielding a sharp rake.
"YOU RANG?" I say ominously.

I block the bat with my arm and headbutt Over repeatedly.

I use other arcade cabinets and tokens to make a token gun.

The Mall continues to flood and I make a boat out of some spare matresses.

Makes a boat out of arcade cabinets. "This place sure has a lot of arcade cabinets."

As the water rises, I find that matresses don't make good boats, so I swim over to DJ DEnM's boat and climb aboard.

The pet store floods and all the venomous snakes drown. Except for the sea snakes. They're fine.

Oh, and I guess the piranhas are released as well.

I abandon DJ DEnM in my matress boat, then try to ram Over's canoe with the arcade cabinet boat.

I climb into the canoe. "ONWARDS, for Destiny!" I declare, pointing my rake at a strip club announcing the new dancer named Destiny in neon.
"Knife! Come with us!" I yell. "Or I lobotomise you."

Unfortulenty, the strip club floods, drownign all inside and polluting the waters with dirty lingerie. Meanwhile, I ram the canoe while Trilby and Over are distacted.

I jump from my boat and stab Knife with my Arcade sword. I retake my boat.

I respawn in 'Billy Bobs Boating Bonanza' and steal a motorboat, which I then use to run over DJ DEnM.

I respawn in the nearby maintenance hall where I find a drain. I unplug the drain so the mall stops flooding. I then shoot Knife with my Token gun.

Dies and respawns. "I'LL GET YOU!"

I start chasing Over frantically while waving my arcade sword

I respawn and hit DJ DenM over the head with a box.
A box filled with poision lobsters that is.

I respawn and trap Knife in a cage. Which I proceed to weld to the floor. "Get out of that!"

I paddle along after Over.
And by that, I mean I drag the canoe along the ground with the paddle.

I give Knife a knife, now he has a way out..... not a good one though.

"Thank you kindly good sir." I say to Night Angle, committing Sepuku and respawning next to the cage. I then return his knife to it's propor place, his chest.

I start mining in the nearby rock climbing wall. I break through and...lava comes out. I burn to death.

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