The Avatar above you is your only ally in the Zombie Apocalypse, how screwed are you?

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First person to post gets an adrenaline fueled rape rocket and a superpowered hunter, and will NOT be fucked.

I'm gonna be honest, my chances of surviving this 'zombie apocolypse' actually number at around 100%. Hell, it won't be so much an apocolypse as an 'afternoon where some zombies appeared and ate people'

Looks like I'm gonna get betrayed, or at least have my neck sucked dry.

I guess I'll be alright?

As long as he's there I'll be alright.

Just fine, until it runs out of petrol. I could learn to drive pretty fast, especially on empty roads. Though if I come across a roadblock or heap of abandoned cars I'll be screwed.

Well seeing as she is blind
I will be pretty screwed

Is this an anime? She's too attractive to die so I'll stick with her.

Depends on where the wall goes.

Not screwed at all!

Not screwed, assuming he has some of the Robot Masters' powers.

Sweet, a bunch of Final Fantasy characters.

Well, at least the brick wall will keep me company. I don't think the movie will be too enjoyable though.

Well, she'll at least make a good distraction as I high-tail it.

An angry looking dwarf kitted out for an afternoon of killing, lets hope there's plenty of zombies.

Well I wont be screwed if all the pissed off zombies chase after him

At least my ally would have a sense of good humor, but are they good with a gun?

Luckily I know a bit about anatomy, chemestry, bio-sciences, and have a good resistance to disease.

Hmm,not a clue who it is, but I doh't think I'm that screwed considering I have lightsabers and armour.

I might be ok. Depends on how well the armor protects from bites.

I'll be fine. As long as the zpmbies are in the water.

Looks like I'm screwed, A skull with a top hat and a cigar is pretty useless to me :P


An Asgaurdian warrior? I'm set.

He'd probably just chop me up and eat me.

I don't know the Miami dolphins have not had a very good record

Hm an anime character. Hopefully her kawaii facial expressions will swoon over the zombies while I make my bullets meet their noggins.

The guy looks pretty tough, i should be ok.

and if anybody sees my avatar and has no idea, this is what it is

hhhhhmmhhhhhmm...i think im going to be ok ;)

...if he stays on my team that is.......

Maybe we will be fine, Feel sorry for whoever gets my avatar

Finally I have luck and the pagan gods on my side!

Not really sure how helpful he will be. Maybe the zombies will be too busy looking at what he is looking at.

Should be good, as long as he doesn't step on me.

I'll do just fine, if the crack special forces are all they're cracked up to be.

If I'm lucky, she has super ninja skills and/or magical powers, and she'll be an effective ally. If I'm unlucky, she'll be useless.

Also, for the next guy, look up the white walkers. That's what my avatar is.

*Figures that anything that looks like a zombie is able to kill zombies.

That's how it works, right?

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