How would you describe your childhood in three words?

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Mine would be simply thus:

Music - Because I grew up the son of a music teacher/professional jazz musician. It was unavoidable.

Games - So many all nighters playing Pokemon. I'm amazed I didn't fail any classes.

Running - I just loved to move. At max speed. All the time.

Your turn.

Violent- Because I was always hurt, whether it was because I got into another fight or just me being clumsy and badly hurting myself (Seriously even accidentally lighting myself on fire was a common occurrence and I always found a way to fall to the ground and brake my head).

Lonely- Because I never really talked to anybody, I had no friends at all and I never really talked with my 3 siblings all that much (they've always called me an emotionless robot), so I was really always on my own, I didn't have imaginary friends but I talked to myself all the time just to have someone to talk to.

Tour- Because we were always travelling, we never really stayed on one city for longer than a year, this was by far the best part as I do love exploring and I pretty much got to see everything in Mexico, nothing is more exciting to me than exploring a new area and I really do find stating on one place for long very utterly boring.

Pretty fucking normal.

Besides the juvenile diabetes of course. Heh heh.

Varied - because I moved a lot, I did a lot of different things, and so forth

Sex - because I was just waiting to get older and do it :p

Easier - but not better

Lego, Batman, Games. The three things that have, still do, and forever will define me.

Bobbyknockers. I stole as many socks as possible. Never a pair though. Only the left or right. Never both. I thought people wouldn't notice if I only took one. Then I put the socks inside the socks and rocks in the socks in the socks to make my trademarked bobbyknockers. Swinging deathbringers of swinging murder, they were.

Neighbour. Spent most of my time with my much older neighbour. He was about 17-18, I was about 5 or something in that age range. My memory is terrible when it comes to ages. We'd just play Crash Bandicoot, Croc, and Spyro all day. If we weren't playing games, we were watching TV. Beavis and Butthead, The Maxx, Daria. When he moved away, he gave me all his Pokemon cards and PS1 with a bunch of games.

Windows. No, I don't mean Windows 64 or Windows Vista or whatever Windows was around back then. I jumped through so many windows. Mostly when they were open, but I did jump through the glass once. I don't know why I did it. I just did. Somehow, I managed to not get cut by the glass. I'm probably a wizard or something.

tl;dr. My childhood was fantastic.

Lonely: i never had any friends. people would bully me often and convince other people to hate me. not to mention the 'pranks'

Bullied: I got bullied every single day at school. only to come home and get emotional abused by my parents

Cry: i cried nearly every day after school

i hated my childhood

Easy, boring, dull.

Care-free, I remember barely anything of it xD the first 10 years of my life were such a waste.

different (i came to new zealand and from going to a really good english school to going to a public one in new zealand you realize everyone is stupid

GTA: i grew up playing those games, all of them and i am probably the least violent or cruel person i know

shocked:when i was 12 i realized all my friends had blossomed into regular teenagers...thats when i realized i HATED the common teenager. i got new friends though...more mature ones

Well, for the sake of argument I am going to simply use the 3 most used words in my vocabulary...

Wild- What can I say? I used to be one of those hyperactive brats.

Naive- I pretty much did whatever people tell me to do (no not like killing or stuff like that) and believe what they had to say. Lead people to take advantage of me (no not in any assult type of way, just tell me to say stuff).

Puberty- All I can say that I used to have a squeaky voice that made me sound cute which I hated (seriously my voice make me sound like one of those cute anime character). I'm so glad when puberty hit despite I had several voice cracks.

Sports = Loved moving around
Games = played games and liked it
Friends = Always played a big part of my life

Books - I was a very boring non-likeable child when I was younger so I mostly resigned myself to books seeing as I didn't have many friends.
Games - Specifically video games I played a lot of them.
Music - My family is a very musical bar my dad one my brother plays ukulele, mandolin, euphonium and bass guitar, my sister plays Flute and trombone and I play Tuba and guitar.
My childhood was a pretty shitty one, but it did get better in that somehow, getting diabetes made me realise I was pretty fat and I lost weight and am now living a healthy lifestyle with pretty sizeable group of friends.

Lots of Mario.
Fairly self explanatory I think.

I can't.
It just doesn't feel fair to shorten it down to three words. There's so much more to say than that.

Music - I've grown up surrounded by music and making it
Games - Video games. Lots of them.
Disappointment - I had a disappointing childhood :( not bad, just disappointing.

Me and brothers.

Eat, Play, Sleep... Pure Bliss!

Happy go lucky.

I enjoy thinking of my childhood. I was very happy then.

Low Content post.

OK, seriously. Not too bad.

Gaming Whilst High

Nervy- Because of the prevalence.

Weenie- Because that's what sunday afternoon was to me.

Gnashing teeth- There was lots.

Embarrassing, there's a lot I did as a child that I'm ashamed of now
Forgettable, thankfully I don't remember much of it but what I do it tends to be the above
Playstation, first console I owned which would set me up for a long and happy adolescence of games

Seriously. Fucking. Awesome.

We weren't exactly rich but I never wanted for anything. I was an only child but I always had a good group of friends to play My Little Pony or Barbies with.

I loved My Little Pony before it was cool

Drunk Happy Gaming

I wanted to fit LEGO in there, LEGO was a huge part of my childhood.

I dont remember

seriously i dont remember anything before the age of 7 and dont remember much afterwards

Lackluster, Poor, & videogames.

I. Don't Know.

Innocent - I was oblivious to pretty much everything in the world. I knew some of its dangers, some of its glory. But it wasn't until my 20s that I started to see the world for what really is. (and there probably still is surprises)

Lonely - I had 2 friends in my entire 12 years of school. I was painfully alone.

Curious - I was intrigued and curious by everything. I wanted to know how everything worked, how everything felt (like friends, companionship, and love you perverts :p), our past and our future.

Rather forget it.

Full Time Gamer

'Nuff said :3



Cards-Yugioh, Pokemon, some D&D (which isn't a card game but its in that region).

Ball-4square. even more awesome when me and my friends played it! we had nifty techniques and rules and it was WAR 4square and it was LEGENDARY!!!!!

Lego, Games, Cartoons

Without those 1 of those 3 i wouldnt be the person i am today :) it would suck badly!

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