The Escapist Dream Team Competition!

NOTE: This competition is mainly for the Australian members of The Escapist but anyone who is familiar to the system can join.

The AFL Dream Team season for 2012 has opened and for the very first time there will be a league purely for members of The Escapist! Only 18 spots are available so it's first come first server. Follow this link and register:

When asked to join a league type in this code to be entered into our competition: 869151

It would be really nice to have a full league for our first competition so even if you have no experience feel free to join anyway, the concept is easy to pick up.

This competition has not been created by a staff member from The Escapist and no official awards can be given out (unless a nice mod who reads this can create a badge for the winner) therefore at this stage the main prize is bragging rights but later in the season we could work something out.

If you have any questions regarding the competition or who to put in your team leave a comment below. If more than 18 people want to join I'll arrange for someone to create a new league for the remaining members.


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