Ignore this completely, don't click on this and go away.

So the story behind this post is that it use to be a lame gaming forum idea where I tried to play 20 questions but I decided it was lame. And since being a noob I couldn't figure out how to delete this I decided to change it completely. If your down to play a game of eye-spy then sure why not.

I spy with my little eye something cakey

Ooh! Cake!

So since I didn't ignore the ignore this game thread I guess I lost then.

I lost the game. Damnit.

him over there:

I lost the game. Damnit.

We have enough of that in other threads, thank you. In fact... I should start an official thread for that.

Yeah, you can't delete posts here. You may want to PM a moderator to have this thread locked if you really want to make sure it dies quickly.


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