the ^ < V game

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^ I found more that the treasure


v Poopsticles.

^ No thanks, sounds gross.

< Does not like gross things, cannot function without a shower.

v One of those people that lasts days without showering.

^, I can quite literally feel the dirt on me and it's not a good feeling.

< Which reminds me, I need to take a shower.

v Needs a shower

^ Yes I do

< I shower ever single day

V Is unorganised

^ To a degree.

< Recently woke up.

V Assaulted the Batman.

^ How did you know that I recently fought against Ben Affleck?

< Guy got my front teeth

v Never been in a fight

^ I've been in plenty.

< Won some, lost some.

v Fight champion.

^ I'll take you AAALL ONN BWAH.
< Smell Paella cooking downstairs, mmmmm.
v Smells something nice.

^ Nothing's cooking...

< Waiting on a sneeze.

V Pie.

^ Thank you very much.

< Booooooored, Watson!

V What's on the news?

^ That it rained yesterday and a good chunk of the city is flooded, even though it was just a bit of rain.

< Laughs at how horrible the sewer system is, People just because it's a desert it doesn't meant that it'll never rain!

v Loves the rain.

^ My favourite weather condition by a good deal.

< It almost never rains here.

v Hates rain.

^ I don't mind it. It's cool to walk in.

< And it means I get no hate for staying in...

V Wazzuuuuuuuuup?

^ Nuthn' bro.

< Late start.

V Doesn't have a job.

^ Stalker.

< Was playing Bioshock 2 again today.

V Watches Top Gear.

^ Occasionally, it's pretty awesome.

< Seems to like British TV.

v Wishes he was the next companion to the Doctor.

^ Are you crazy? I'm not gonna be around Malcom Tucker, that guy is going to destroy my self confidence in 5 seconds.

< I am scared of the man

v Also likes the idea that Peter Capaldi is the next Doctor.

^ I don't know who that is.

< Bored.

V Boring.

^ Very boring. Had enough socialising and came on here!
< So so soooooooooooooooo bored.
v You dropped your gay card kekekeke

^ What? Where?


V Stop laughing at me!

^ I could never laugh at you.

< Pities him instead.

V Let's pity him together!

^ Self-pity!

< *sorrowful music plays*

V Scrub all the floors in Hyrule!

^ This scrubbing is what all true warriors strive for!

< I'll take the triforce of courage to protect me!

V If you don't hear from me in a month, send Link!

^ Tehe, lol, rofl, zig zig zag, all the laughter

< Fire the laughing cannon!



< I know what it does

V Wants to press the button


< *beep*

V What did I just do?

^ Fool, you've doomed this planet!
< Me
V You


< Narf.

V Bloopity blopity blopity blorp.

^ Beep bo booop bop

< Is confused.

V Loves me.

^ I guess so.

< :(

V Gives a feel.

^ Nope. :D

< Sleepy.

V Spaztastic.

^ Something like that.
< Back to work tomorrow
V Is a male stripper

^ Was it you causing the bushes outside to rustle?

< Only in front of my bedroom mirror.

v Thinks I look good in a banana hammock.

^ Sorry, it was me in the bush.

< I was looking for berries.


^ I already did!

< God, stop pressuring me, you guys...


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