the ^ < V game

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^ They used to serve as good timedumps.

< Still can't believe people prefer Die Hard over The Godfather.

V Is one of those people.

^ Nope, though admittingly I think the first Die Hard was pretty good, I'm not going to pick favorites until I see most of the films that came around that period.

< Can't wait to see The Godfather at some point.

v Has already seen The Godfather

^ Err no actually.

< Stop looking at me like that! Never got round to it.

v I am now dead to this person.

^ You were dead to me the moment you failed the E theme.

< Is still going to beat that dead horse.



< Goddamn fucking mechs shooting at us like crazy!


^ They're turning his car into Swiss cheese!

< Needs back-up assistance now. NOW GODDAMMIT NOW!

v Welcome to the party, pal.

^ Sorry I'm late.

< Had a streak of latecomings, recently.

V Always on time.

^ I'm always finding watches yo.

< I don't ever want to go against a Spinda and Slaking combination

v Does not wish for it either.

^ What?

< I have nothing to say.

V Couldn't see the impending signs.

^ What signs?

< Oh! The give way sign!

V Sorry, Officer.

^ I'm no officer.

< Or am I?

V What do you think?

^ I think officers of the law are terrible terrible people.

< Surprisingly hasn't punched a cop... yet.

v Does not find corrupt cops amusing either.

^ Who would?

< Going to bed soon.

V Hates sleep.

^ Very much so, but things don't end well when you avoid it.

< Trust me on that, the leaves were made of razors.

v Has a very firm grip on reality.

(Dammit ninja'd, but I'm not editing out Ahnold so there.)


< Loves sleep, even if it does get in the way of playing more games. Does actually have a form grip on reality. Still has his imagination though. (Cue song)

v Now wants to watch Commando.

< Time to let some steam off Bennet! But not really.

< Finds it funny that we answered opposite of each other while Teoes was on his morning probably well-rested and I was am up late not sleeping.

v Will not type long-winded uh... things.

^ Bla bla Vapor Space.

< something about techno music

v hates some kind of music


^ That GIF needs subtitles for those who don't already know what they're saying.

< Totally ignored Morsomk. :D

V Ignores Morsomk as well.

^ Who?

< Can't put subtitles on random gifs lifted off internets whilst at work, nor on gifs created at home as I've never tried to create a gif. Plus, who on this planet doesn't know Arnie's best one-liners? I don't want to know such a person!

v Is Morsomk.

^ This is some funky shit going on here

< Yes, I am Morsomk however, I do not believe this is the "Allow me to introduce myself" thread

v Music, whatever right?

^ Give me justice and I'll have Paris in flames!

< I am the nuclear murderer, I am Polaris!

V Mother do you think they'll drop the bomb?

^ Hahaha, drop the fucking bomb is what I always say.






< Should be sleeping, achey joints :c
v Has been to a spa.

^ Nope.

< Could probably use a trip to one at some point.

V Wears a diaper.

^ No.

< Wants Drumsticks, the sweets not the meat.

V Sometimes watches Gargoyles.

^ I don't think I ever watched it.

< Blarg.

V detects heresy.

^ Heresy Detected.

< In fealty to the God Emperor, our undying Lord, and by the grace of the Golden Throne, I declare Exterminatus upon the poster below.

V I hereby sign the death warrant of the below poster, and sentence their soul to oblivion. May Imperial Justice account in all balance. The Emperor protects

^ Oh dear God no, save me Talos

< Well damnation isn't such a bad thing anyway

V Wants to join me in Oblivion

^ Will pass

< Has some catching up to do in Pokemon

v Has all the Pokeymans

^ FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUACK THAT! That is the craziest thing a Pokémon should have.

< I mean come on, Zigzagoons are already pretty op with their diverse moveset. Next thing you are going to ask me is to find a Slaking that doesn't have the ability Truant.

v This guy knows what I mean.

^ I played pokemon red once.......

< Jamaican playing poker.

V Knows how to get a pikachu on a bus.

^ Nope.

< Doesn't care.

V Cares more than they should.

^ I know you Pokemon.
< so tired but my toothache will keep me awake ;(
v Loves curry.

^ I've never had curry...

< Kinda wants to now.

v Has a good recipe for curry.

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