the ^ < V game

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^ I could never laugh at you.

< Pities him instead.

V Let's pity him together!

^ Self-pity!

< *sorrowful music plays*

V Scrub all the floors in Hyrule!

^ This scrubbing is what all true warriors strive for!

< I'll take the triforce of courage to protect me!

V If you don't hear from me in a month, send Link!

^ Tehe, lol, rofl, zig zig zag, all the laughter

< Fire the laughing cannon!



< I know what it does

V Wants to press the button


< *beep*

V What did I just do?

^ Fool, you've doomed this planet!
< Me
V You


< Narf.

V Bloopity blopity blopity blorp.

^ Beep bo booop bop

< Is confused.

V Loves me.

^ I guess so.

< :(

V Gives a feel.

^ Nope. :D

< Sleepy.

V Spaztastic.

^ Something like that.
< Back to work tomorrow
V Is a male stripper

^ Was it you causing the bushes outside to rustle?

< Only in front of my bedroom mirror.

v Thinks I look good in a banana hammock.

^ Sorry, it was me in the bush.

< I was looking for berries.


^ I already did!

< God, stop pressuring me, you guys...


^ Funny thing, I wrote that on concrete once.

< It's kinda awesome how I've been often told that it has confused a lot of people.


^ Meh.

< A little sleepy.

V Is in reverse.

^ .erawa m'I taht toN

< .mmmmmM .eta tsuJ

V ?gnorw gnihtemos sI

^ Vielleicht

< Ist ein Klaun

V Ist Morsomk

^ Uimh Is mo ainm Kitsune Hunter

< Is ea go bhfuil an ceart, labhairt liom Gaeilge

V An fidir labhairt teanga eile

^ J, g get tala annarri tungu.

< a er reyndar ekki a erfitt.

V Potttt a getur a ekki.

^ My cat's breath smells like cat food.

< My cat's breath smells like cat food.

v My cat's breath smells like cat food.

^Not really. He keeps getting chicken from my sister, so he kinda has a "human breath" smell.

< Unfortunately knows that scent too well. Seriously people at school, BRUSH YOUR DAMN TEETH!

V Grok's what I iz sayin'

^ I don't know.

< Wishes he was at home.

V You foiling my plans?

^ There is nothing to foil, your plans are stupid enough as they are.

< Dem plans, are dupit!

v Aren't they?

^ He smack me if I agree.
< Watching Whose Line Is It Anyway?
v Don't cry for me, Argentina.

^ This is from Matilda.

< French movie

V Watches foreign movies occasionally. (By that I mean not American or from the country you are in.)

^ No.

< Loved Eveta. My school did the play my freshman year.

V Cries at the end of comedy movies.

^ Yes. I cry at the end of "comedy" movies, all the horrible, stupid, idiotic jokes are over.

< Very few films that I like, it's kinda strange, I like decent internet humor and they cant even capture that.

v Doesnt like internet humor.

^ I'm not sure.

< Blarg.

V Has a muffin shaped wig with a potato sticking out of it.

^ Not really but I should acquire one.

< Covers his scars with hair, makes him look a bit emo.

v Has no scars where people can see them.


< Has a two burns and a cut scar

V Is a psychotic serial killer clown

^ Genetic table-scraps, actually.

< Ah, me.

V Blarg?

^ Wort.

< Meh.

V Should get a haircut.

^ No matter how much people bug me to, the answer will always be no.

< Likes his hair long.

V Finds long hair on men unmanly.

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