the ^ < V game

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^ Last time I checked, Zigzagoons were normal types, not steel types.

< Debating whether or not I should buy collectors edition of Tales of Xillia(IS SO HARD TO CHOOSE!)

v knows the answer to my dilemma

^ Buy the shoes.

< Is not the best person to ask for advice half the time.

V Has seen the inside of the inside of the inside of a box.

^ Wouldn't that be the spaces in between the corrugated parts of cardboard?

< Ha!

V Dancin'.

^ Nup, singing though.
< Stupid emotional bitch today :<
v Has decorated a cardboard box.

^ With imagination.

< I'm a hermit crab!

V What the SHELL are you doing?

^ Nothing, also what is with this language?

< I can mind my own fucking language

V Swears alot

^ Yes.

< Needs to get going somewhere.

V Stabs people with TVs.

^ What? No.

< Four in the morning and burnt out.

V Night!

^ Nope, morning.

< Blarg.

V Needs new underwear.

^ I sure do!

< Do I brunch or do I lunch?

V Anything good on TV?

^ I'm not watching TV because it's mostly crap but I think QI starts again soon...
< Unsuccessfully trying to play cat Buckaroo ._.
v wants to play it with me.

^ Never heard of it.

< Eating.

V Fights wombats in space.

^ Wombles actually

< They're more vicious and bloodthirsty than they appear

V In bed

^ Was that a pass?

< I think I'm gonna go downstairs and shop some.

V Had a good laugh today.

^ Maybe...

< But it's been overshadowed by one of my cats going missing. :(

V Knows where my cat is?

^ I wish I did.

< Has a mischievous, climbing bunny (hard to believe, isn't it?) with a tendency to disappear.

V Favours lunch to dinner.

^ I prefer snacks.

< Found his cat!

V Shot with a moose carrying a tire.

^ Do you mean shot as in filmed, shot with, or shot while with?

< Too many variables!

V Unaccounted for in most statistics.

^ I don't know.

< Meant shot as in you were shot.

V Operates a crane.

^ I've used those plushie cranes that you find at malls and stuff, doe that count?

< Likes plushies.

v Has plushies.

^ I may have plushy Totoros and a Cat Bus..

< Is chuffed Fiji found his cat.

v Has a plushie Companion Cube.

^ my life is dangerously devoid of plushies.
< wants to cuddle with some plushies now
v also needs more plushies.

^ I am going to get statue, does that count?

< OMG! I haven't been posting for a bit now. I MISSED IT!

v what are you doing?

^ Getting ninja'd apparently.

< Blarg.

V Has a pet.

^ NINJA'd!

< I have two chinchillas. Skippy and Jo-jo.

v Acknowledges chinchillas as the best kind of rodent.

^ Well they are a lot better then Pikachu I can tell you that much.

< I hate Ash Ketchum and Pikachu so bad! GET A NEW PROTAGONIST ALREADY!

v Agrees with me.

^ I do wish to smash Ash and friends heads in at time.

< Somewhat enjoyed the miniseries of Pokemon that didn't have Ash as the main character and really wishes that they had done more with Mystery Dungeon.

V Hasn't watched Pokemon in years.

^ I watched an episode the other day, but skipped through a lot of it.

< Just wanted to see a certain Pokemon. Can't stand the dialogue...

V Da bomb.

^ Boom.

< Just trying to find something to do now...hmm, maybe a little bit of Anodyne will do?

v What do you think?

^ Might help if I knew what that was.

< Just ate dinner.

V Has something to do.

^ Sleep

< I have to get up for work in the morning

V Has to get up for work as well

^ Hospital. Feeling's the same.

< I'm gonna sing the doom song now!

V Doesn't like Invader Zim very much.

^ Blasphemy!

< Feh.

V Thinks there needs to be more memes in here.

^ I feel like I missed out on Invader Zim. And no.

< The little of it I saw way back when was good. And memes have gotten annoying, mostly. Doge is comedy gold, though. Wow, so scare, etc.

V The captcha says you should kiss me. I'm waiting.

^ Alright, let's get this over with.

< Filthy humans...

V Loves Invader Zim.

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