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< My account region was reset to default (US) during its creation, so i won't be able to play Diablo with my friends until that's fixed.

V Clumsy.

^ Not really.

< Tired.

V Resisting poodles.

^ Real men adopt Huskies

< No doctor for me

V Have you ever had a Rambo moment?

^ Yes it was during a paintball match.

< There where no survivors.

V Has played a paintball match.

^ Not sure about that...difficult to remember.

< There was a lot of red.

v Do you have a favourite band?

^ Nope.

< Customer Service fixed my problem promptly, but I am discouraged by the fact that the price of the Diablo bundle in GBP is 14 higher than the equivalent in USD. Euros were cheaper, too. I'd understand if it was being shipped, but it's a download.

V Speed up.

^ Gotta go fats?

< Too slowe!

v Cumon step it up!

^ *advances upward one stair*

< Just watched Caddicarus's video on Croc. Never seen my feelings on a game so well represented.

V Demopan?

^ Stout Shako for Two Refined

< I am Private Cupcake

V You're not even half the primate I am


< *threateningly wields excrement*

V *throws banana peel*

^ *Furrows brow*.

< I am concerned for him.

v Will you take the ring?

^ Depends, what kind of ring is it?

< Getting real tired of life's shit.

V You are a tomato.

^ I...I am?

< When the world becomes too much, I make my own.

v I think I made some sketches a while ago...they might be lost in time.

^ I'm not the one with the temporal uplink.

< Stupid, stupid, stupid.

V Nice digs.

^ Thanks. Nice tiling.

< Enjoys mosaics.

v There's nothing like a good mosaic, except a better mosaic.

^ Or a chocolate mudcake.

< Mmmm... mudcake

V I hope you're not planning to eat that.

^ Considering that it's covered in poison I would imagine not, but you can have it if you want.

< Blargs and sterff.

V Quickly! headbang as fast as you can for three minutes.





< *Headbutts wall*


^ Flarg.

< Narf.

V Bees!

^ Buzz buzz

< Ladies

V *Death growls*

^ *inexplicable sounds!*

< I always thought it was weird that KF's OST was named after disease when the specimens are artificial...

V A sucker for a little hat.

^ I know I'm Fedorable!
< Anyone remember Jack Trilby?
V I'm going to get a Ten-Gallon size of milk jug!

^ Do they come in that size?

< I'm getting one too!

v Milk moustache!

^ I've been Mad Milked!

< Got the Hong Kong Cone with my scrap savings. From a fellow Timesplitters fan, too!

V BLaaaL.

^ As long as it isn't Baal. Have fun!

< Sometimes back after dark.

v Don't tell anyone.

^ Blarg.

< Doesn't know what to write.

V Blarg again.


< Startled.

V Also is afraid of blargs.

^ They must be abolished!

< From the sacred land of Indifferentia

V Follow me doctor!

^ What do I stand to gain from following you?

< You know what would make a bitchin' backyard?

v The HRE.

^ Googled it.

< Got wheels.

v Vroom.

^ Take me to the Holy Roman Empire!

< World Conqueror.

v Surrender and die!

^ Sounds like a fight.

< Them's fightin' words.

v Get me beer, get me grog, get it fast as ye can!

^ You have drunk enough. Get out of my bar.

< Has been in Bar.

v Has never even heard of Bar.

^ BAR?

< Browning Automatic Rifles!

v But it's no Bren. :c

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