the ^ < V game

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^ Seems like a fair idea.

< Google is why AAMFP was disappointing. Oh dear...

V Experienced the pratfall with me.

^ A what now?

< Have I mentioned that I hate being sick? Because I do.

V Pees on the furniture.

^ Only in other people's homes.

< How else am I supposed to thank them for their hospitality?

v Has an idea on that.

^ You thank them by giving their children Glasgow smiles

< Loves watching people smile.

V Sold out.


< We have no more copies of whatever you wanted.

V No sir/madam, you cannot buy me.

^ I don't need to buy you, Zigzagoon.

< Throws ultra ball at Morsomk and catches him.

V Morsomk, use Thunder!

^ Lightning rod, GO!

< Blarg.

V Has an old console.(old being at least ten years old)

^ SNES, PS and PS2.

< Is scared he's incapable of love.

V Is it raining over there too?

^ Not right, now, but it has been.

< Just had a damp walk home.

V Went outside today.

^ It was dull, grey and wet

< Good old Irish weather

V Went out for dinner

^ I went out. Does that count?

< Is stuck writing a review for a boring ass Swiss movie.

V Ever watch a Swiss movie?

^ I don't know.

< Blarg.

V Battery operated.

^ Triple A's.

< Now I'm having coffee. Still, same paragraph.

V Will draw Harley Quinn naked, killing herself.

^ I'd do it if I had the drawing skill. My skill extends to pencil crayons and mspaint so far.
< I don't have to go outside on friday! wooo!
v Can't wait for Caturday.

^ Meow- I mean yes!

< Still thinking about AAMFP.

V Has something on their mind.

^ Work hassles and how quickly I can get to the weekend.

< Will then think about Fire Emblem, let's play TFFD, my lady, chins, food and a house move. Not in that order.

v Will do something illegal this weekend.

^ No.

< Blarg. XP

V Feels like a fat cat.

^ I don't like cats.

< Is inevitably going to be stuck with two, though.

v Morsomk, use Ice Beam!

^ Headsprouter is frozen solid!

< Brrrrr.

V I'm giving you the COLD SHOULDER, now!

^ No please!! D: *clings to leg*
< Bleh
v Should be sleeping.

^ It's only 10:30pm so no

< Is currently feeding on the anger and misery within todays' Critical Miss thread, it sustains me

V Does that make me a bad person?

^ Meh.

< Blarg.

V Fire the awesome beams!

^ I can't. Feeling too solemn.

< Finished second playthrough of AAMFP. Feeling grumpy. Needs a good custom story for TDD.

V Will do a dance for us.

^ Not until the awesome beams are fired.

< Going to bed before too long.

V Has to sneeze.

^ I can suppress it!

< Listening to this. Dear, god.

V All your base are belong to us.

^ You are on the way to destruction.

< You have no chance to survive make your time.

v HA HA HA HA ....


< Feeling better. AAMFP was a great game. Just different.

V I've come to accept your existence as well.

^ I haven't.

< Prepares shotgun.

v Who was the genius that named a gun 'shot'gun anyway?

^ It fires a variety of ammunition known as "shot". Such as buckshot.

< Almost ate part of a foil wrapper. Foolish.

V Likes to buy things.

^ I spend very little and only on sales.

< Really wants the Elder Scrolls Anthology, though.

v Morsomk, use Shadow Ball!

^ It wasn't very effective.

< Blames Headsprouter for this.

V Has bacon face.

^ I fight the urge to eat myself.
< Could actually go for some bacon right now.
v Hasn't eaten breakfast.

^ I didn't this morning, I first at at about 1pm.
< no one to talk to, might get an early night.
v needs a shower.

^ I just recently took a shower

< I was at a LAN yesterday and we were playing games/watching movies all night. It was amazing.

v Wishes he was there.

^ Meh.

< Wishes he was back at home still playing with Staika.

V Needs cake.

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