the ^ < V game

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^ You just made my headache worse :S

< Confounded

V Living in the past (time-zone jokes yay!)

^ Sometime I wish that I could go back in time and mess with people using my future knowledge.

< Wants YouTube's new homepage layout to go burn in hell and never even think about coming back.

V Agrees with me.

^ Nope, I am one of those FOREVER ALONE people.

< Is alone

V Is in a relationship with their PC/Console because they are that desperate.

^ I love my Xbox, but not that much.

< Has to take his little brother to the dentist in a little while.

V Has perfect teeth.

^ You wanna see my teeth? You don't wanna see my teeth
< Is a big, stupid jellyfish
V HaHa! Refferences!

^ I don't get it.

< Brain is going on an off right now.

V Will post within the next 12 hours.

^ Likes anime

< Feels fat and sassy

V Has used reddit at one point

^ I don't believe I have ever used Reddit.

< Is a skinny little monkey.

V Has eaten a pop tart within the last week

^ I have never eaten a pop-tart, I feel like my life is missing something

< Feels like their life is incomplete due to absence of pop-tarts

V Has a full complete pop-tart filled life

^ I wouldn't say filled, but there are pop-tarts in it.

< I don't know.

V Had an okay day.

^ Meh
V Didn't get that refference.

^ Not really.

< Still a little tired from waking up.

V Will not take as long to post this time.

^ Nope.
< Starfish/
v Fishstar.

^ I had to draw a starfish for a book once.

< Has a headache.

V Will not have to bring this thread from the brink of death... again.

^ Indeed.
< Woop woop woop.
v Is a princess.

^ Nien.

< Going to bed.

V Has a badger for a pet.

^ No.
< Is staying up.
v Ponce.

^ Screw you!
< AT College.

^ Not everything.

< Doing stuff.

V Knows things.

^ Kittens!
< Mittens!
v Boopity bobbitty boo!

^ Shotgun!

< Wants YouTube to stop acting stupid.fat chance that will happen any time soon the way it's being run right now.

V Started the fire.

^ Er... but I didn't shoot the deputy?
< Is full of pastsa.
V Is Olive Gard Italian.

^ Nope.

< Going to do stuff in a minute.

V Will probably be Dango.

^ Maybe...
< *Flails*
v Throws a shoe.

^ Nope.

< Missed the internet.

V Hello.

^ Sup.
< Pup
V Eeeeeeyup.

^ Blarg.

< Feh.

V Wazzup!?

^ Nothin'.
< Bored.
v Fijiman.

^ Yep.

< Wonders if anyone else will post in this thread again.

V 80% chance of Dango.not that there's anything wrong with that.

^ 100% chance of yes.
< Is still posting here!
v Yayifications!


< Something something something

V Has a name, face and a higher post count than me.

^ True, true, and true.

< Uploaded a new avatar.

V Uses a pogo stick.

^ Only once or twice.

< Balooga.

V Is also posting at night.

^ Evening, not night yet. Maybe when my last lecture finishes. (Also you look different got a haircut!)
< Still at College.
V At home enjoying life.

^ Yep. And no, I've not gotten a hair cut. Need one though. I'm starting to look more like your avatar.not that that is an entirely bad thing.

< Eating pancakes.

V Not doing so.

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