the ^ < V game

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^ For shame, weather-person. For shame.

< Just read up on the Zoe Quinn stuff last night, I'm late to the party, but geez. Everybody's getting rekt.

V I ain't goin' near that thread tho.

^ Neither will I

< I prefer not to get involved with....well....anything

V Let's never be creative again

^ It is the only way we can all retain our credibility.

< TheZoePost was a fantastic read, though.

V Morbid curiosity is fun.

^ It can also get you hurt! D:<

< Has had dangerous experiences.

v Is procrastinating something important.

^ Sorry, just catching up on that thread. I'm about 5% through!

< Has created dangerous experiences.

v Isn't that illegal?

^ Not in this country.

< Here and now.

v Ah, there you are.

^ Here to bring this thread back to page one.

< Time to got outta here.

V *jumps out window*

^ Well he's gone.

< Time to find his replacement.

V Are you that replacement?

^ Heavens, no. I'm nearly 180 degrees too off to be a suitable substitute.

< Maybe I should look into a change of scenery, though.

v You have just what I'm looking for!


< Blarg.

V Shouldn't have had some many cats use your house a a shelter.

^ Tell me about it

< Tesla the Machine God

V A sausage for Breakfast

^ I never eat "proper" fry breakfasts like that.

< Recently, I have been addicted to ChrisArchieProds. I haven't played Runescape in years, and it makes me glad I don't.

V Where be the dragons?

^ Down to the south, as the cliff racer flies.

< The cold time is coming.

v You require more obelisks.

^ Yes. Do you know where I can get some?

< Am I a bad person for not giving a flying feather about Zoe Quinn?

V Go to your room!

^ I'm already in my room.

< Why would I want to leave it anyway?

v The world outside is too boring.

^ No, it's fun! Come and join us!

< Will a gold coin do? Will a gold needle do?

v Has a gold heart.

^ Can't imagine many people I'd currently wish harm upon...

< *shifty eyes*

V Code blue.

^ But it's not Wednesday.

< He probably means Code Indigo-Green.

V What do you think?

^ Magenta-Turquoise?

< This is going to turn into a competition for who knows the most fancy colour names.

V ...Or a competition as to who can remember the most Gen 1 Pokemon towns/cities...

^ Barbas can't do that.

< Iced coca cola.

v How nice.

^ Indeed

< Purple alert

V Waiter, there is a wrench in my soup

^ Shhhh, it's a delicacy on Pluto.

< Glad that there's excellent cloud cover today.

v Has to take today slow and steady.

^ Nah.

< Is playing tanks.

V We have a code Charly-Orange-Seven-Mahogany.

^ *thinking*


V Out of my way!

^ No, that's code Charly-Orange-Six-Mahogany.

< Code Charly-Orange-Seven-Mahogany is we're out of snacks.

V Could you get some more?

^ Not true. We have plenty of snacks...

< Liiike...

V ...Like this fellow.

^ Pooooooooooo!

< Nope.

v Daisy.

^ My first princess to rescue.


V Men!

^ We are men

< Scout in our midst


^ ...Sorry, what were we talking about?

< Oof, don't mix orange juice and toothpaste.

v Tell me you got the stuff. I neeeeed it!

^ Here you are, five packets.

< I need that paper.

v Gurl, I need yo bike.

^ Too bad, for I am a man and don't have a bike.

< Should eat something.

V Fetches the ball.

^ ...OK. As long as I get the bike later.

< I just like bikes. It might be a disorder.

v Disorderly.

^ Like yer mum.


V Gnome child.

^ Where?! Where?! *looks around*
< I've been diddled again!
V Do you think I'll ever make a post here that isn't a reference to something else?

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