the ^ < V game

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^ May I borrow your life?

< Sapping someone's ignorance

V It's the last Spine-bender

^ *Snap*.

< Oops.

v Here.

^ Don't bend spines without years of practice.

< Time to take up taxidermy.

v So lifelike!

^ Thank you, I try.

< *Preens*.

v Who goes there?

^ WHAT. You saw him, too?!

< Lots of lurkers about.

v It's dangerous to go alone. Take this.

^ I will keep it next to my racing spoon.

< *Scarf*.

v *Unintelligible*.

^ *nods*

< I guess this calls for the return of the Jynxspeak!

V ~~###!! ~♪!

^ Good thing for Subtitles

< In stereo

V Your deadly skill is modding?

^ What? No.

< That'd be silly. My power is staring angrily at people till their heads catch fire.

V Moose.

^ Elk!

< First my hotmail got locked, and then my account on this page got locked too. I don't even know why.

v What's next?

^ Let's hope it never happens again

< Time for another Mass Effect play through

V Rain of jarate!

^ Jewjitsu?

< I'm confused

V How now brown cow?

^ Yellow cow.

< I'm a little too into TF2 trading.

V You there! Give me that hat!

^ Fuck no.

< Not having a very good day on WoT.

V Is not Headsprouter.

^ *removes mask*

How did you know? D:

< How did he know?

V What the hell? My disguise was perfect! PERFECT I SAY!

^ Disguises are less than effective when the person you're disguised as is right next to you.

< Spies! Bloody useless!

V That schpoi is an ANIME!


< Magic soldier

V *Mr Bean noises in the distance*

^ *foreboding music*

< God help us all.

V Say your prayers.

^ I've already said them.

< *Stares*.

v Should you be putting that up your nose?

^ Probably not.

< King of the Something.

V Is secretly allergic to the internet.

^ What! I just thought a lot of people were talking about me.

< *sips margarita*

v Hey, there's no umbrella in this. Fix plz

^ My origami black belt will finally come in handy! *furiously folds paper*

< Just ate because my stomach told me I had too or it'd get grumpy and then eventually kill me.

V Stomachs are meeeeeean.

^ My stomach doesn't like me right now.

< Urggh.

V Has a cure for over eating chocolate things.

^ Chocolate is the cure

< I have taken the intelligence

V Rejoice for the new PlayStation Live now on Steam

^ This is exasperating!

< What kind of headsprouter is that?

V *accusing point*

^ I didn't do it!

< *suspicious smirk*

V Hey you! I like your hat.

^ Thank you.

< My stupid misplaced tooth decided to attack the inside of my bottom lip, again.

V Geez, Louise!

^ Don't call me Louise!

< I haven't felt genuinely hungry for ages.

V All the little angels rise up, rise up, rise up...

^ *shoots the angels down*

< Duck Hunt.


^ You're such a bad sniper! *Laughs*

< He died with a belly full of Fish & Chips

V A grunt stares at you, sanity is dropping, suddenly it ignores you and leaves, today was a good day

^ *throws box* Tee-hee!

< Loves to mess with the monsters in Amnesia.

V Hay.

^ Aye?

< *Waits*...

v Tuesday's coming. Did you bring your cats?

^ Of course, did you?

< Hates getting put into higher tiered matches when using a weak as hell tank.

V Punches babies with bear hands.

^ I know somebody who does fight baby men with bear hands.

< Not actual babies, tho.

V That would be morally reprehensible.

^ I suppose that's subjective

< Then again, maybe they have their reasons.

v You love them babes, don't you! Aw, yes you do! Yes you do!

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