the ^ < V game

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^ Nope. It's like 8PM here.

< Lol Time Zones/ Also, listening to Jp Music.

V Knows some form of martial art.

^ False.
< Wanted to as a kid.
v Wants to learn a martial art.

^ I took karate when I was younger, but I had to stop.(karate's expensive)

< Will be up for at least a few more hours.

V Knows the answer.

^ ...I know everything. Who said I was telling you though.

< Is his birthday soon.

V Already had their birthday.

^ About two months ago, yes.

< Watching videos.

V Can't stop.

^ Wrong. Had to stop due to not having sound.
< Needs a power strip, bad.
v Won't get out of bed unless they know the time.

^ No, if I don't get out of bed it's because I'm lazy.

< Wishes he had money again, even if it was only $10.

V Doesn't have enough time.

^ Yep, pretty much no time, curse my need to rest, I'd have time if I didn't have to sleep.
< Meeds to eat something spicy.
v Does not like spicy food.

^I like mildly spicy food
< Not awake yet
v Knows Martial Arts (We'll find someone that does)

^ I did take Karate when I was younger, but that was like eleven years ago.

< Woke up not long ago.

V Wants to be the overlord of potatoes.

^ I already am...better note it...

< Has work to do

V Is feeling under the weather.

^ Oddly enough, no.

< Was just in the snow.

V Snowball fight champion.

^ Only have been at snow once and I wasted all my time rolling in it and getting sick...
< Now wants to go to a snowy place again.
v Hates snow because it's annoying to clean the porch or something.

^ False, I hope it snows soon.

< Is typing out assignment.

V Is putting off work.

^ If by work you mean homework then yes.
< Has a 3 page essay that was supposed to be due today, but I got out of class so I could START it today. The internet is just so distracting!
V Will do my essay, thanks! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

^ ...No.

< Probably gonna leave my work for tomorrow...

V Pokemon addict.

^ Nien.

< Has stuff to do.

V Needs their coffee.

^ Not much of a coffee drinker, I fear.
< Does, however, need his sleep.
v Lives in a timezone where it's light out right now.

^ Quite the opposite.

< Needs to go drop something off.

V Hates Queen.

^ Nope.

< Haven't listened to Queen much actually.

V Has been to a gym in the last year.

^ What's a gym?

< Got a snow cone earlier.

V Wears glasses.

^ Nope. Not yet anyway.

< Should be doing stuff for class...

V Procrastinating as well.

^ Yes, but not for school.

< glasses are getting annoying. Have to take them off for a while.

V Will post in at least four other Forum game within the next twenty minutes after posting in this one.

^ Is correct

< Wants to play Skyrim but too lazy to start it

v Would rather play an actual game right now

^ Yes, but I know how to limit myself. Plus I doubt my mom would appreciate me doing so right now.

< Going to bed.

V Will make thirty posts within 30 minutes starting ...NOW!

^ No...I have classes and this is the final day. :D

< Is happy because today is his birthday and has his final classes and gets to finish his course.

V Loves cake!

^Yes I love cake, and happy birthday
< Also loves ice cream
v Is hungry

^ is correct

< thought this thread never took off and is astonished by number of replies after having recieved a badge

v will keep this thread alive a little longer

^ What the hell do you think I've been doing this whole time? Chewing my own ass?

< Needs to go to the grocery store.

V Should probably not be using the internet right now.

^ Don't tell me what I can't do!!

< Is freezing cold from being outside

V Is warm right now...

^ Not really...

< Snow's kinda everywhere.

V Been to New York City.

^ Nope.

< Has only been as far north as the southern part of Ohio.

V Needs to hide the body quickly.

^You aren't supposed to know about that.
< Es embarazada. Finds talking about himself in third person in spanish really, really weird.
v No eres embarazada.

^ Si.

< Just took a shower.

V Will get me a bag of chips.

^ Will get chips from me, cause I'm cool like that.

< Can be generous from time to time.

v Is up to date with the Escapist Communicate.

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