the ^ < V game

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< Wants to sleep
V Is looking forward to The Last Guardian (when and if it's ever released)

^ Care to remind me what that is?

< Eating breakfast.

V Get in the back of the van!

^The Last Guardian

<Soon to eat lunch

V Soon to eat...

^ Now I remember. Nope, not really looking forward to that, my brother would be more inclined to play it than me.

< Already ate. Although that was a while ago.

V Wants the antidote.

^ I guess...

< Needs to cook dinner.

V Wants to be in a CommuniCast!

^ Sounds... fun...

< Just got back from school.

V Uses an emulator.

^ Nope.

< waiting for his brother.

V Likes birds.

^ True, I like the way Pigeons bob their heads while walking.

< Listening to kick ass fight music!

V Has played Arc the Lad!

^ No idea what that is
< About to get dinner
V Already eaten dinner

<Is kind of freaked out that the above poster and Tizzy are basically indistinguishable save for usernames. O.o
v Is now aware of their tongue.

^ Oh god...

< Where did those avatars come from?

V Likes to travel.

^ Not really.

< Bored.

V Feeling tired.

^Nope! Too busy to be tired.
v Wants to ram their tongue down a specific person's throat right this minute.

^ knows my secret.
< is one cool cat.
V loves to look at 9GAG and laugh at rage faces.

^ I use Funnyjunk more. Otherwise, yes, when the comic's actually good.

< Rifling through Steam's free to play stuff.

V Wondering about science.

^ Drinks Water
< Thought about science about a few hours ago when I was grading physics quizzes.
V Wants to watch the movie "Spaceballs".

^ I've seen it. Most amusing.
v Thinks CSI is the most interesting television show ever.

^ Lol, I don't watch TV anymore.
< My comp is basically my everything.
V Loves TV.

^ Only when there's something good on.

< Just went out to get groceries.

V Demands ice cream.


^ Is a cheeky bastard.

< Still kind of bored.

V Watches TV.

^ Only when there's no choice. As in, I'm sitting on the pc and there's a show going on behind me, I'll sometimes turn around and watch. I sometimes watch Law and Order: SVU sometimes. So I guess yea.
< Likes to play on pc.
v Likes to roll on the ground.

^ When the time calls for it.

< Like in dodgeball. Shit's effective.

V Fan of bass guitar.

^ Not really, no.
< Is pondering booting up Arcanum.
v Doesn't know what Arcanum is.

^ Not really.

< Eating.

V Is dancing around the Christmas tree.

^ I have yet to get a Christmas tree this year. :|
< Eats souls in his spare time.
v Is grateful I have little spare time. :D

^ Nope.

< Should probably be in bed.

V Shot their self.

^ I shot myself with an airsoft gun once to prove it didn't hurt, it did but I pretended it didn't.
< Has no idea what to do with spare time, just spent most of it staring at a wall.
v Doesn't enjoy staring at walls.

^ Unless I turn a wall into a TV, no I do not.

< Going between watching TV and doing shit on the internet.

V Has the unique ability to walk on ceilings.

^ Wish I did.

< In a late night drawing session

V Planning to buy Far Cry 3.

^ Eventually.
< Farcry 2 was better than 1, but had a lot of problems.
v Disagrees.

^ Not really, never played either, Farcry 2 does look like a rather interesting game.
< Has a gigantic list of games he should play.
v Will tell me to play a specific game.

^ You shall play the one below the middle one.

< Drinking nog.

V Has a pet chupacabra.

^ I have a pet chiwawa, but I guess he can look like a chupacabra sometimes.
< Never liked dogs before.
v Likes cats and chiwawas.

^ Hate both.

< Pets tend to piss me off.

V Clothes are all over the floor.

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