the ^ < V game

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^I'm doing the same thing as you (posting in forum games)
< Doesn't have a migraine
v Just woke up

^ False

< Compressing audio

V Has been on a communicast!

^ Don't make me stab you with a dull spoon. B[

< Feh.

V Plays an instrument.

^ An instrument? I can play all instruments...all very poorly...

< Tired.

V Watches Adventure Time.

^ Nope, though I'm rather curious about it, probably won't watch it though.
< Isn't watching any shows that last more than 5 minutes.
v Wants to make his/her very own show!

^ Yes, but I don't have 95% of the the things required to make one.

< Dealing with extremely slow connection right now.

V Isn't dealing with crappy internet.

^ Nope. but dealing with crappy computer.
< Sending his PC to repairs tomorrow stupid fan broke, don't have necessary tools to open it myself.
v Repairs their own PC!

^ I'm more likely to break than fix it.

< Really wishes to just watch a few videos and listen to some music without my computer freezing up every few minutes.

V Needs food.

^ True!!

< Watching Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged!

V Day dreams a lot...

^ I'm not sure.

< I don't know.

V Sings like a howler monkey.

^true, but not like a normal one, more like one that's had too much cocaine.

<has gotten NOTHING productive done today.

V paces when they are thinking.

^ Watches me secretly.

< Is not a good cook.

v Cooks well.

^ Not really.

< Finally finished something he had been working on in Minecraft.

V Is a literary genius.

^ Nope. :D
< Has simultaneously too much and too little free time.
v Wishes they had more free time.

^ Yes, yes I do.

< Feh again.

V Not bored out of their mind.

^I'm kind of bored, but not out of my mind.
< Listening to the communicast (has nothing to do with me being bored)
v Has already listened to the communicast.

^ Maybe later.

< Really wishes he had not been up until 3AM last night.

V Doesn't make a habit of staying up late.

^ Pff, I didn't sleep until half 6 in the morning!

< Mourning

V Is feeling sad.

^ Well now a do.
< Feels sad because Tizzy feels sad.
v Bacon?

^ Only answer to life...

< Tired

V Likes Power Rangers...

^ As a kid, yes.
< About to go to a funeral.
V Not in a mourning mood.

^ Not really.

< Bored.

V Has been in a fist fight with a bear and a lizard.

< Taught to punch bears by Shock.
v Punched bears with shock.

^ Do what now?

< Eating breakfast.

V Is ready for everything.

^nope it's just Chuck Testa

<likes punching babies

V likes sitting sideways

^ How did you know.

< Likes Fist's avatar.

V Works as a crash test dummy.

^was partialy correct

<is happy you do

V can control time space

^ Eventually...
< Lol. Deathstar.
V Estatic that Star Wars 7 is happening.

^ I'm honestly waiting to hear more about it before I make a final decision, but I'm not expecting great things.

< Is hungry.

V Invisible to the naked eye.

^ for the most part

< is bored

V has played Diablo 2

^ Nope.
< I'm too broke for good games.
V Has hit something then immediately regretted it.

^ Who hasn't at least once?

< No longer hungry.

V Drunk.

^ Nope. I don't drink... yet.
< Watching streams.
V Knows how to cook.

^ Nope.

< Just picked up his little brother.

V Has the singing voice of a tone-deaf mule.

^ *sigh* Yes...

< Up all night!

V Has to work in the morning?

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