the ^ < V game

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^ I am wearing a ones-y! (It is warm)

< Has nothing to do...

V Wants cake.

^ Yeah, actually.
< Has a b-day cake just lying around... Just a moment.
V PLayed SFxMM

^made a false statement
< Is addicted to the Humble Indie Bundles
V Has Presents left to buy

^ False?
< Celebrating Christmas for first time since was a child.
v Family quit exchanging gifts when they were 12 years old.

^ Technically true.
< Hasn't gift exchanged in years...
V Is doing a Secret Santa-ish thing.

^ Not that I'm aware of.

< Bleh.

V Needs to do something.

^ Sleep mostly...

< Was scolded for not going to a party _

v Doesn't want to go to the party either.

^ Party?

< Should also be sleeping.

V Is ready for the apocalypse.

^ As ready as possible for CERTAIN DOOM. Which is to say nothing would matter if it did happen, anyways.

< Just got a gallon of horchata. It will be empty in a few minutes.

V Likes horchata.

^ Looking that up. Probably won't.
< Taking driver's test on the apocalypse because I can.
V Drives things.

^ No...

< Is slightly tipsy!

V Likes to drink with friends!

^ I don't drink alcohol.

< Was playing Minecraft.

V Is really a wizard named Steve.

^ False

< Going to work in the morning

V Has a place of employment.

^ No... ; -;
< Is a bum.
V Not a bum.

^ True

< Has to sleep but doesn't want to!

V Has to get up early.

^ No, but I like to. Although it would help if I wouldn't stay up until 2AM.

< Still attempting to catch up on his subscriptions, and failing.

V Will save the world with a pea.

^ No, I shall simply watch it burn.
< Forgot to pack the third game of thrones book.
V doesn't like reading

^False. I love to read. GoT is great, too. Too bad everyone you love dies. :D

<Is still traumatized from the Red Wedding.

v Has never read ASoIaF or watched the show. (SHAME ON YOU.)

^ I'm afraid I have not, don't have HBO and haven't been to the US to buy it in it's
original language...

< Has a hole on his left hand...

v Also prefers things on their original language when able to understand it.

^ happens to be correct
< speaks English and French
V Speaks more than languages

^ If by that you mean random noises and crap, yes.

< It's starting to snow in his area.(although the other side of the city is getting flurries right now B[ )

V Is still waiting for the apocalypse.

^ Nah, I am waiting for dinner!

< Is still hungry after eating take out.

V Is ordering food tonight.

^ Not really.

< Has been playing Minecraft.

V Needs to find something.

^ Yeah, my Christmas sprite.

< Hates Christmas.

v Disagrees

^is wrong about Christmas
< Likes Christmas but loves Boxing Day
V Knows who Todd in the Shadows is

^ ...No.

< Working on a project in Minecraft.(It's going to be like a month or two before I'm anywhere near done)

V Is ready for battle.

^ No, I am ready for food though...

< Is watching TV with family.

V Loves documentaries.

^ To an extent.

< Fells a bit like crap right now.(stupid cold)

V The back half of their body is on fire and the front half is frozen in ice.

^ Nope

< Wants to play Persona 4, but has to look up stuff.

V Has a huge backlog of games.

^ No, but it's beginning to grow...
< ...Add Persona 3 to my backlog.
V Likes to listen to radio.

^ Yes, but I generally only do so while driving because I'm too lazy to get a radio app on my phone.

< Wondering what Tizzy needed to look up.

V Has worn a bowl/bucket as a hat before.

^Who hasn't
< Has cool socks
V Supports Stephen Fry for Pope

^ I guess so, certainly wouldn't hurt.
< Isn't familiar with Stephen Fry's work.
v Will drink wine today.

^ Nien.

< Blarg.

V Wheeeeee!

^ -on a laptop on a rollercoaster-
V Has casually punching someone in the face.

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