the ^ < V game

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^ Has casually failed at English.(sorry, but it irks me)

< Is hungry.

V Is secretly rich and will give me some money. Please?

^ Not rich, but comfortable, and nope.

< Is melting.

v Got lot's of awesome stuff.

^ Nope.

< Has some lame ones though. (Geddit?)

v Metatron or Lucifer?

^ Nope. Fijiman.

< Needs to change up his alarm ringtones so that he will actually wake up when he wants to.

V Has to wrestle Santa for their presents.

^ Yeah, but they weren't any good anyways.

< Has had two hours of sleep in the past 48 hours but strangely does not feel tired.

v Is currently sleep deprived.

^ ZzZZZzzzzZZZzzzz... huh? What?

< Likes naps

v Likes naps too.

^ I absolutely detest naps. I only take them when I really, really need to.

< Should probably go to bed soon. Would help if I weren't drinking Pepsi right now.

V Got snow?

^ I wish.

< Just decided to see how much longer I can go without sleep.

v Just did something dumb.

^ Well I guess my existence is dumb enough to qualify hah!
BTW I would advise against that, I once didn't sleep for 5 days and by the fourth day I was having hallucinations, it was unpleasant, may be relevant to the situation that I hadn't eaten anything either, but still don't do it.
< Is currently so cynic and apathetic he's getting tired of himself.
v Is glad Christmas is over.

^ In a way yes.

< Is watching Doctor Who.

V How you doing?

^ I'm sleepy, as always

< Never gets enough sleep

v Gets plenty of sleep

^ Most of the time. And most of the time I don't need that much sleep.

< Wishing that we were getting snow instead of rain. Lots and lots of rain.

V Is dancing without pants.

^ No, but I was just a few minutes ago.

< Lost the game and fell asleep.

v Is eating something

^ Nope, already ate.

< Doing stuff.

V Can touch their toes with their noes.

^ Got me to try. (The answer is yes)

< Needs to figure out how he wants to get his tattoo done.

v Doesn't like tattoos.

^ I can appreciate the artistic quality of them(the good ones anyway), but I'm not very enthusiastic about them.

< Is tired and hungry.

V Can touch their toes with their noes WITHOUT bending their knees.

^ Uh, no.

< Hoping to play some Resonance of Fate tomorrow.

V Had a good Christmas.

^ Define good.

< Defines being insane as actually being sane.

V Define: higiggiabbegpoaibriubor.

^ huh?
< bored
V hasn't showered in 6 months

^ I shower everyday.
< also bored
v Life is like a box of chocolates?

^ Meh.

< Meh.

V Meh.

^ *sigh*
< Wants pasta?
V Hates cats

^ Hell no.

< Loves his Iguana!

V Loves Iguanas!

^ Do I look like Garfield?

< Blarg.

V Wants to lay down.

^ Nope. I'm actually enjoying my work right now.

< Listening to music.

v Listening to music.

^ Listening to a Panel

< Can't stop sneezing

v Is feeling sick.

^Not really, a runny nose at most
<Hasn't got plans for new year's yet
V Has plans for new year's

^ Not really.

< Doing stuff.

V Recently lost something.

^ Is probably right, I just don't know it yet.

< Is being really lazy about cleaning my room.

v Is having a conversation with a great friend.

^ Nope. Not having any conversations here.

< Needs to not be over a week behind on his YouTube subscriptions.

V Has participated in a Nerf battle.

^ Nope.

< Is fed up with Moffat's writing. (KEEP YOUR SHERLOCK IN YOUR SHERLOCK AND OUT OF MY WHO, DAMN YOU.) Ahem.

v Is going to die, but does everything he or she can to forget this fact.

^ No, I think about myself dieing at least once every week or two.

< Should be going to bed soon, but probably wont.

V Desires a bagel.

^ Has implated the craving into my head, despite me just finishing a curry
< Thinks the saxophone loop for Dev's "In The Dark" is the sexiest thing ever
v Currently has his/her hand down his/her pants

^ No, I have them on some pancakes an bacon.

< Eating.

V Has been naked in the snow.

^I'm far to sexy for that to happen, the snow just melts away.
<I want to buy something in the Steam Sale but can't find anything I want.
V Can recommend a game for me to buy in the steam sale.

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