the ^ < V game

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^ John Darnwho?

< Is booooooooooooooooooooooooooored.

V Wishes that he was a real boy!

^ If it gets me out of the army, I'll wish for anything!

< Really hates the army

V Really hates the army.

^ I don't hate it, but I am not joining it.

< Just woke up.

V Should beware of old, creepy-looking ladies offering single pieces of fruit.(my Captcha was poison apple)

^ Nah, I'm good, I only live with one midget
< Is having an afternoon nap in a bit
v Thinks afternoon naps are completely inappropriate for 22 year old professionals

^ Thinks afternoon naps are completely appropriate for 22 year old professionals.
< Cannot take afternoon naps
v Is probably alive

^ Alive and ninja'd.

< Feh.

V Will do something random.

^ Wanted me to do something random
< Clearly cannot do something random
v Is smarter/funnier than I am

^I'd like to think I was smarter and funnier
< There's a good chance I'm not
V Will saying something nice

^ You certainly are
< Just said something nice
v probably won't return the kind favour

^ You make a lovely gas mask mook.
< Is playing Scrabble.
v So, about that beer I owe you...

^ Fucking hell, ninja'd twice in one day on the same thread.Going to have to wait another year on that. Or we could just get it over with with a six pack of soda.

< Watching Tom & Jerry.

V Will frizzle the frazzle.

^ Prefers to frazzle the frizzle.
< Is frizzling the frazzle.
v Will juzzle the wuzzle.

^ Not until you bunksul the wacklezot.

< Eating dinner.

V Needs to get some fresh air soon.

^ I was just outside, actually. Quite nippy out. But nice.


v Is not very happy. :[

^ No not really.
< Happiness isn't something I do normally anyway.
v Likes cherries.

^ I wouldn't say I hate them, but I'm exactly that fond of them either.

< ...

V Nope.

^ Yup

< A-yup

V Goofy?

^Certainly not
<Is very serious
V Takes things too seriously

^ is insinuating something
< scared that everyone hates me
V hates me

^ I have no reason to hate you.

< Needs to eat breakfast.

V Is making plans.

^ doesn't know about my plans.
< already made plans.
v isn't interested in my plans.

^ Well not anymore.

< Bark.

V Ni.

^that's so passée
< No longer says ni
V Does not follow trends

^ I don't follow trends, trends follow me.

< Snickered.

V Should join the tips of his/her fingers more often, it looks eeeeevil.

^ ...Have you seen my avatar?

< Is hungry.

V Is also hungry.

^ Why yes I am.
< Was just thinking about making a sandwich...
v Will eat something more elaborate than a sandwich.

^ Oh yes. Nothing says gourmet food and clean sheets like staying over at mom's for a couple of weeks.
< Is going to bed, again.
v What's the big fuzz about MPL anyway?

EDIT - MLP, not MPL. Blargh.

^ Yeah, I'm not really the person to ask about that.

< Going to bed.

V What do you want?

^ 'MPL?' wat.
< Mash more.
V Has a snowman sitting outside right now.

^ Im playing Minecraft and I have snowman guards outside, so yes.

< Is eating

v Is hungry

^ Not really

< Is SUPER excited for Pacific Rim

V Is about to solve world hunger

^Is only a tiny bit right
<About to solve his own hunger
V Had noticed the frequency this thread involves food

^ Nope. Don't visit this one too often.

< Is sleepy

V Just yawned

^ I'm fighting the urge.

< Has an urge to yawn.

V Maybe the next guy will yawn.

^ I think I just yaw*yawns* damn it.

< Watching TV.

V Blarg.

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