the ^ < V game

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^ Probably not, don't need to get sicker.
< Turns out I caught a virus, no work for 3 days, that's good I guess.
v Wishes to get three days off of work too.

^ Work?

< A little bored.

V Hello.

^ Hello

< Hello

V Goodbye

^ I may be tired(mostly from boredom), but I'm not that tired.

< *read the above sentence*

V Will go searching for forum games that haven't been posted in in a few days.

^ Thinks someone won't just stumble in all curious to see what all these weird symbols are for

< Decides to leave her mark & keep exploring

V Will cross paths with me later

^ Depends, do you plan on participating in more forum games?

< Still bored.

V Knows the way to my secret base.(and will bring some snacks. Please?)

^ No, where is it? (I might bring snacks if you are nice to me)

< Should go to bed for work...

V Has had over 8 hrs sleep.

^ Lemme think... I went to bed around 5am and woke up 1pm so... yeah!

< Hitting the sack about now, too...

V Hasn't found the droids he's looking for.

^ ...Nope.
< Needs a chair to smack someone with.
V A little sleepy right now.

^ Is entirely correct, it's somehow got to half 6 in the AM. Dammit internet.
< Should go to sleep. Will instead marathon some show I stopped watching but should pick up again. Probably Fringe.
V Will look at my post and make some form of TL:DR gesture.

^ Wrong.
< Always reads the above post.
v Doesn't do the same.

^ Do what? O.o

< Is afraid that joke made more sense in his head.

v Doesn't get the joke.

^ of course I got it Mr. Deathclaw. Very funny Mr. Deathclaw sir, a-ha, a-ha
< Looking for my trusty anti-material rifle, and hoping it's not a lonesome road DC
V Has something that can take out a deathclaw before it rips me in 2 with it's bare claws

^ Right! My trusty claws! Where is this knavely deathclaw, assaulting travelers and giving us a bad name!

< Just realized that he was the deathclaw meant.

v Will be a dear and clean up Zantos's corpse for me.

^ Nope. Clean up your own corpses!

< Totally doesn't run a corpse-cleaning company

V Likes dancing.

^ True, although I suck at it.

< Finding something for work

V Has a hatred of treacle!

^ Might have a hatred for it himself, personally I've never tried it before I think!

< Actively converting to the teachings of Craig Christ

v Will convert to the Church of Craig as well! Where will you be when the Craig Machine comes partying through?

^ Let me think about it for a while.(awesome song though)

< Wants breakfast.

V Needs more bacon in their life.

^ Believe it or not I'm having bacon and eggs this very minute.

< Is also having coffee.

V Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

^You're Zim... so yeah
<Would love some Coffee, Bacon & Eggs
V Has eaten a typical breakfast food for dinner before

^ Yes.

< Eating breakfast... for lunch?

V Is having some technical difficulties.

^ Correct, serious difficulties in the brainz region.
< Needs to go cook tea before pubtime, and hopefully be inspired with knowledge and motivation
V Fancies going to the pub

^ I don't drink.

< About to get on the Xbox.

V Likes jelly beans.

^Some people don't? (O.o)
< About to go to the pool.
v Is a completionist

^ Yes and no.

< Meh.

V Shall suggest a song for us all to listen to.

^ I think I have just the one

< Is a bad person for doing that

v Will still listen and secretly enjoy it

^ No, no I will not. And yes you are bad for doing that.

< Watching videos.

V Has been jumped be leprechauns.

^ No

< listening to Gordon Freeman saved my life

V Isn't

^ True, but I'm listening to some MoS
< listening to Call of Duty Circus
V Likes Reel Physics

^ As a physics graduate applying for physics PhDs, I have well more than my share of physicsy goodness already
< Is writing a short presentation on why quantum physics is useful right now actually
v Does not share my enthusiasm for quantum physics

^ Nope.

< Eating dinner.

V Should beware of tree beavers.

^ Is paranoid
< Has no need to fear tree beavers
V Should be afraid of human beavers

^ It's been so long, I just wouldn't know what to do with it, terrifying stuff
< Isn't kidding
v Wants to swiftly change the topic away from my sex life

^ What? Sorry, I was too busy listening to this.

< Bwarg.

V Shall start a new life as a chimney sweeper.

^ How many chimneys does a chimney sweeper sweep if a sweeping chimney sweeper sweeps chimneys sweepingly?
< Is going to bed.
v Should've killed me when he had the chance.

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