the ^ < V game

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^ Sure. Here's all $0 of it.
< Gonna get a job soon.
V Fights llamas for a living.

^ Equines in general. Llamas get a discount.
< Now they know.
V You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?

^ Not yet, I think.

< Just ate.

V Hello.

^ What's going on with you?

< Saw a mudcrab the other day, horrible creatures.

V Hopes never to see another (mudcrab)

^ Wrong, there is one particular mudcrab in Morrowind that is a business patner of mine
< Is really happy to be able to make that reference.
v Thinks I should stop going on about Morrowind.

^ Nope, Morrowind is awesome!

< Wants to play Morrowind...

V Thinks Dark Elves are the best elves!

^ No, Keebler elves are the best.

< Wants cookies now.

V Can't find their socks.

^ Yes, and I'm sensitive about it.

< Teary.

V Should ventilate their room more often.

^Is wrong about dark elves
< Can find his socks.
v Has more than 2 consoles.

^ Unless the GBA counts as a full console, no. Also, you got ninja'd.

< Just ate breakfast.

V Should do something cool.

^Passing exams is super rad!!!! Does that count?
< Sick of getting ninja'd
V Is a pirate


< Searching for Booty!

V Is my first mate!

^ Aye aye Capt', where we sailing to?
< Is fetching his cutlass and spyglass
v Has a treasure map

^ I do, but it's kind of a dud.

< Meh.

V Should not play with fire, especially not in the powder room.

^True, that's how I lost my leg
< Doesn't get any benifits
v Is a damn Commie.

^ Bolsheviks! ...Wait, shit!

< I swear that's how I say bullshit sometimes.

V Believes me.

^ Nope

< Lost my phone

V Will find it for me.

^ Hell no. If it's good, I'm keeping it. My phone's shyte.

< Is randomly popping into Forum Games!

\/ Is probably here infinitely more often then I am.

^ Those Over 9000 posts say otherwise.

< Ninja poster, apparently.

V High five, buddie.

^ Alright!*high fives* Oh shit, I still had my spiked glove on! Sorry.

< Bleh.

V What are you doing?

^ Playing Torchlight and talking on the chat...
< Hasn't eaten anything all day.
v Plays a musical instrument?

^ No, but my brothers do. Also, you should eat.

< Wishes he would get up when he is wanting to more often.

V Loves sleeping in.

^Should set more alarm clocks.
<Hates the time wasted when sleeping in but does it anyway.
vShould get a haircut

^ Not for a while. And I have two phones with a dozen alarms set between them. It helps when I remember to turn them on though.

< Has stuff to do.

V Enjoys video games.

^ Is stating the obvious

< Loves video games

v Doesn't see why someone who doesn't enjoy video games would be on a video game forum.

^ To observe the behavior of people who do enjoy games maybe? :/

< Has recently played through Metroid Prime.

V Wears a sweet hat.

^Is too kind. No-one else has ever complimented my hat before.

< Has a sweet hat. So sweet. So very, very sweet.

V Also thinks that my hat is sweet.

^ Could I see this hat?

< Doing stuffs.

V Is doing important stuffs.

^ If posting something on The Escapist counts as important stuffs then yes.

< Is going to take a photography class

V Has an irrational fear of something.

^ I'm not sure.

< Pretty sure his fears are rational.

V Has a fear of letters printed on plastic buttons.

^ Frequently has odd v statements.

< Quack!

v Thinks that grenade launchers are cool.

^Well of course they're cool.

< But certainly not the coolest of weapons

V Will tell me what the coolest of weapons must be

^ Grenade launchers aren't cool,(although my time as a Call of Duty player might have coloured my perception somewhat)
< Thinks Bows are pretty cool.
v Prefers modern weapons

^ Yes. And tanks are the coolest weapon.

< Was ninja'd due to having to pick up his dad.

V Painting.

^ Do I look like an artist to you?

< Is sick and tired of being sick and tired

v Is sick or tired of being sick or tired.

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