the ^ < V game

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^ Nope.

< Laughing a Collins for catching a live grenade.

V Shall also laugh at him for this.

< Hablo español.

V Hablas español?

^ No.

< Watching videos.

V Has been run over by something.

^ nope
< Is upset that you are laughing at me. I just wanted to plat catch :(
v Is good at multi-tasking

^ I'm not sure.

< Still not sure.

V Are you sure?

^ I used to, but then I took a meme to the knee.

< Is ambivalent about memes.

V Do you hate memes?

^ Depends on the meme.

< Lieks Mudkipz

V Took a wumpus in the grumpus.

^ What? Also nice avatar.

< Likes Kirby but only has two Kirby games.

v Would totally eat people if it meant they could absorb their powers.

< Would absorb all the cool powers! ALL OF THEM!!
v Will have no powers.

^ Probably.

< Just took a shower.

V Shall be called upon soon.

^ Unsure. If by called upon you mean one of my family members will ask me to get them a drink, then yes. That's inevitable for me.

< Needs to take better care of his wallet

V Is good at organizing stuff.

^ True.
< OCD about organizing anime pictures.
v Not ocd about anything.

^ I tend to be quite nit-picky about details from time to time.

< Watching The Court's Jester.

V Wants to be a potato when they grow up.

^ I already grew up and my dreams of being a potato were crushed like mashed potatoes.
< Apparently a girl.
v Am I a pretty girl?

^ There is no such thing.
< Not a pretty girl.
v Not a girl.

^ Is being harsh towards women
< Is a boy
v Is a ploy?

^ Is a Koi

< Hates fish

V Has been pulled over by cops before.

^ I haven't been pulled over yet, although I was with my mom one time when she got pulled over.

< Blarg.

V What do you want?

^ I want to SLEEP!

< Is sleepy

V Likes blankets

^ they is cozy
< just woke up
V is in another timezone so they haven't slept yet

^ No, I just woke up as well.

< Is going to take a shower soon.

V Flushed the toilet while someone was in the shower.

^ Yes. Result was hilarious and got me a 3 week grounding. I regret nothin.
< I lied. Except I didn't
V Regrets everything.

^ Or do I?

< Do I?

V Has a rational fear of chairs.

^ No I assure you all my fear are irrational
< Is afraid of Kittens

^ Is that a pass?
< Saved a jellyfish's life today.
V Has done a good deed today.

^ Nope. Never do.
< Doesn't do any bad things either.
v Does many bad things.

^ I don't talk about those orphans
< "What orphans?"
V never lit a building on fire

^ Yes.

< Is getting sleepy.

V Is drinking something with caffeine right now.

^ Hell no, I'm going to bed, it's 4:26 AM over here.

< Johnny Novgorod used Sleep!

V You know about bed bugs right?

^ I do. And I refuse to let them bite me!

< Has fortified bedroom to defend himself from the bed bug menace.

V Gets up and takes early morning walks/jogs.

^Could not be more wrong
< Went to sleep at 5am woke up at 1pm
v Has a normal sleeping pattern

^ I would like to think so.

< Had his avatar go poof derp on him. Will fix it in a minute.

V Shot with paste.

^ Shot with whatnow?

< Had a funeral for my old avatar

V Mourns the avatar change

^ Knows I am a sucker for old avatars.

< Only changes for seasons.

v Regularly changes.


< Gonna go watch Django, yay.

v Is it any good?

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