the ^ < V game

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^ Not sure, I've never watched it.

< Has seen The Hobbit. Great movie.

V Has read the book.

^ Nope. Kind of want to at some point, but not now.

< Is going to be do a geed bit of traveling tomorrow. Fun. B(

V Hangs out with Bigfoot.

^ No, no Bigfoot would hang out with me.

< Wants to sign up for the beta of The Elder Scrolls Online, but can't :(

V has fired a gun at one point in his/her life.

^ Do Nerf guns count?

< Has like six Nerf guns.

V Is a master of the ancient art of slap fighting.

^ I thought that was a secret
< Is the student of a old master of slap fighting
V never had a montage

^ No. :(

< Narf.

V Trainer of Stormtroopers.

^ Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

< Django was great!

V King of the Castle / Queen of the Mountain

^ I have a castle? Since when?

< Was driving for the last hour and a half.

V Is pretty/handsome.

^ I have been told that (and not just from my mother)

< Should go to bed.

V Hates MTV

^ Never watched it, don't plan on starting either.

< Scratching his cat. She loves it.

V Is confused by politics.

^ True (makes my brain itch)

< Still fighting sleep!

V Hopes to play Halo 4 with me!

^ No, not really :P
< Doesn't have an Xbox.
v Will play with Tizzy!

^ Can't, neither have Halo 4 or XBL gold.
< Plays on pc.
v Plays on PS3.

^ Nope, I have an account though.
< PS3 burned in a fire like 2 or 3 years ago, along with my good PC and my PS1, and all of my comics[1] O :
v Reads comics?

[1] I actually had never bothered to think what lost, it was a lot of stuff!

^ Web comics.

< Hates being somewhat sick.(woke up with a stuffy nose and a sore throat)

V Your question is: Banana.

^ What is a long object mistaken for a man's projection?

< Only had 2 hours of sleep in the last 24 hours

V Is hungry

^ No and wrong answer.

< Needs to get going soon.

V Needs pancakes/waffles.

^ I need them badly.

< Should get easy on the New Year cider.

V Is exhausted.

^ Oh yes...

< Is very bored

V Has his legs crossed

^ Nope.

< Listening to this.

V Has a toilet inside their house and hasn't figured out how to get it to leave yet.

^ Knows of my pain.

< Is turning to the internet to cope.

v Thinks it will not work.

^ Eh, I think it has a 50-50 chance.

< Eating dinner.

V Is trying to figure something out.

^Not really.
< Mind is clear for once.
V Grinding.

^ Might be soon if I ever get around to getting Nino No Kuni.

< Drinking water.

V Marco

^ Cheese whiz.

< Watching a movie.

V If you take two cabinets and throw them at each other, what do you get?

^ A mecha-cabinet?

< Watching Croupier.

V Is holding up to their New Year resolutions valiantly.

^ My what? Oh, and no, you get two broken cabinets. How is that not obvious?

< Is meh.

V What 'cha doing?

^ Was playing Guilty Gear, figured out how to use Bridget's Yo-Yo's still lost though...
< Really sucks at fighting games.
v Is decent at fighting games.

^ Hahaha no.

< Got his ass kicked by Skullgirls. Likes the art style though.

V Has heard of/played Skullgirls.

^ Heard of, yes. Played, no.

< Is not much one for fighting games.

V Shall make many strange and random noises with me.

^ Only if I can have a mecha next time.

< Bleh, meh, pfeh.

V Doesn't have the patience to play stealth games.

^ Sort of yes, sort of no. I enjoy being stealthy, but sometimes I get reckless.

< Playing through Batman: Arkham City, which has stealth elements.

V You wanna know how I got these scars?

^ I know how you got THESE (punch).

< Is partial to stealth elements but not stealth games.

V Tried to revive Aeris.

^ has no idea who I am
< needs to stop disappearing from this site for ridiculously long periods of time
v remembers me!

^ I remember the character in your avatar.

< Has the urge to play through MGS3 again.


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