the ^ < V game

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^ well thats a new one, considering I don't dance.
< Is boring that way
V Is contemplating being more exciting than me

^ Possibly.

< Too lazy to actually do anything exciting.

V Has nothing spectacular in mind.

^ I have 150 USD in mind, don't think that's spectacular.
< Not sure what he'll do with that.
v Will advice me on what to do with that.

^ I advise you to give it to me for careful consideration of what to be done with it.
< Will spend it on steam
V Gets nothing because you called me names. you jerk...

^ You Bolsheviksian fart monger.

< What? He wanted me to call him names.

V Shall spam all the threads.


< Teehee?

V Hai!

^ O hai there!

< Is still strangely intimidated when posting in forums..

v Is listening to music right now?

^ No time for music, Doctor Who is on.

< Plans on listening to music later today.

V Do you know what time it is?

^ That is irrelavent when you are with the Doctor
< Is staring at the blizzard outside
V Is humming the theme to Doctor Who

^ Got one better.

< Still watching Doctor Who.

V Blarg.

^ Bleep bloop.

< Doesn't understand how she's been posting so much today..

v How goes it?

^ How goes ok.

< Got my hair cut today.

v Sup.


< Listening to music now.(I said I would)

V Give the word and the bombing will commence.

^ Now now, we mustn't use our nukes for scoundrel.
< Made out with so many girls
v Made out with every girl in the world

^ Hehe. NO
< Is not into that.

< *Flees*
v Has a kick ass full sleeve tattoo

^ I have no tatoos. And who uses nukes for a simple bombing?

< Going to go get dinner.

V Is pure evil in at least one part of their body.

^ My heart is pure darkness, so yes.
< My badge lies.
V Their badges lie.

< Needs a hair-cut.
v Has shoulder length hair that flows in the wind.

^ I've got a buzz cut.
< Kinda wish I had a fro though...
V Wondering about life and stuff.

^ Maybe?

< Wanting YouTube to stop fucking up.

V Played video games today.

^ Not yet.
< Maybe he'll play something later.
v Has played three games at the same time.

^ Nope.

< Meh.

V Owns something really odd.

^ Define odd :P
< Is somewhat odd
V Is a mainstream hipster.

^ I'm so hipster, that I'm a hipster to those hipsters.
< Got jabbed with 5 needles and still went to an 8 hour work shift
V Has nothing on me :P

^ Do I really want to?

< Will be going to bed before too long.

V Has a head with a rabbit on it.

^ Nope! Fail.

< Is going for a test drive today!

v Has other things they should be doing right now.

^ Lulz
< Super lulz
v Has a Y chromosome.

^ *Takes a second to remember whether that makes me male or not* Yes I do.

< Eating a large pretzel.

V Celebrates Sophisticus.
Damn you spell check.

^ Celibates? What.

< Should be test driving cars right now.

v Wants to make me a cup of tea. =D

^ I wouldn't mind that actually...
< Should be getting ready for work
V doesn't have to work today lucky bastard

^ Hehe I don't have to go to work at all.
< I have a job interview Monday though.
V Wish me luck!

^ Break both legs. :D

< Hates it when spell check screws him over.sorry for the confusion earlier Ahri.

V Celebrates Sophisticus.

^ Dude you know it.

< Takes any opportunity to dress well and talk down to plebs.

v Has never seen me around on the Escapist before.

^ But I'm seeing you right now.

< Needs to not have so many tabs open.

V Has stock in exploding pants.

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