the ^ < V game

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^ Sure, why not?

< Will agree regardless of the truth.

v Isn't so easily convinced?

^ I can convinced to argue any point, just
< obviously wants to be a lawyer
v Is under pressure to be funny

^ No.

< Gonna go do some stuff.

V Has started a new thread in the last three months.

^ Nope.
< Needs to lay back and relaaaax.
V About to start singing.

^ Possibly.

< aiuhrfaoibadubs.

V Speaks fluent Shithead.

^ Is that the language you used? Because if so, most definitely not.
< Speaks Spanish, but you probably already knew that because I mention it a lot, I want to learn French though.
v Likes French too!

^ Not hugely, but I can speak it fluently.
< Is showing off
V Hates show-offs

^ Depends.

< Blarg.

V More blarg.

^ Is imitating xmbts

< Is talking to xmbts

v Is not xmbts

^ Correct.

< Has no idea what that is...

v Does know what that is.

^ If you hung around the Forum Games Group you would know too.

< Was not imitating xmbts.

V Is currently at odds with a large group of angry bagels.

^Great Scott, you're right! Here they come! Ahhh!
< Also does not know who xmbts is, though it rings a bell...
v Is going to enlighten me as to who xmbts is.

^ Here you go.

< Eating.

V Hates people.

^ Yes.

< Is playing Shadow of the Colossus!

V Will lead the Rise of the Tortoises.

^ Maybe later.

< Kind of bored. Probably going to bed early tonight.

V Has a hidden spoon collection.

^ In some ways, you are right. I do have some spoons hidden away in a drawer in my room somewhere. I have never used them.

< A complete piece of shit not worth anyone's time.

V Did not, at any point, staple their finger to their eyeball.

^ Correct!
< Never stapled myself!
v Not so lucky.

^ Stapled, nailed, burned, stabbed, cut, almost everything has happened to me at some point.
< Is extremely clumsy.
v Has the reflexes of a leopard.

^ Only when I know I could get injured if I don't react. I don't know why.
< Terrible at sports because I never chase the ball or what have you.
v Runs after the ball or what have you too much.

^ I'm always on the ball. Especially other people's balls. I like those balls.
< Realized that I made an awful inuendo.
v Will make another inuendo.

^ Nope.

< Still nope.

V *Throws pie at*

^ *Wipes pie off face* You'll pay for this.
< Spends most of his disposable income on Ice-Cream.
v Wants some Ice-Cream.

^ Kind of, but it's a little late for me to be having ice cream.

< Is tired,

V Can see the future.

^ Yes but only a quarter of a millisecond into it.
< Is super tired too.
v Will stay awake until he passes out?

^ Pretty much.
< Will be around 6:20 AM
v Thinks that's too damn late.

^ No, not really, I stayed up like that when I was your age, now I have work and responsibilities.
< Is ancient, also my back hurts -_-'
v Knows the location of the fountain of youth.

^ I knew where it was. It changes location every few years.

< Is really 564 years old.

V Is even older.

^ When I was a kid Dinosaurs were still around.
< Used to fly on pterodactyls.
v Flies on jet-packs.

^ Hells yeah!

< Wishes that were true.

V Has a pet raptor.

^ That would be interesting.
< Once had a pet triceratops.
v Believes me.

^ Sure. Why not.

< Has a test tomorrow.

V Has never cheated on a test.

^ Not that I can remember.

< Will be going to bed in a few minutes.

V Is seriously serious about the seriousness of this serious situation.

^ Naturally. This is some seriously serious stuff.
< Wondering why the usual insomniacs aren't around.
V Knows why.

^ Nope

< Is wide awake because it's afternoon.

V Is Lagomorph

^ Surprisingly not.
< Just realized he's not going to have any days off for around a month -_-'
v Will rest a lot for me.

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