the ^ < V game

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^ Nonexistent.

< Never had or been to one.

V Has friends to hang out with.

^ Yeah, although sometimes I think it would be nice to not have to worry about other people!

< Feeling a bit sleepy.

v Spinning.

^^^^ When Halo: Reach came out back in 2010, some guys at my school held a LAN party, and I decided to tag along even though I'd never played a Halo game before. I wasn't very good, but nobody minded.

^ I didn't realise there was another page, so I responded to the LAN party one. Sorry.

< Just discovered I have no idea how to play Civilization despite all the time I sunk into 5.

v Drop the bass!

^ *sneezes on the mic*

< I'm pretty clueless when it comes to Civ. I know how to fix problems, generally but when it comes to general direction I'm lost.

v Unedited.

^ Probably.

< Blarg.

V Are you prepared?

^ I like to think I am.

< Likes to think I am.

v Likes to think they are?

^ I would like to think so.

< Tried Buckfast, a drink with a dubious reputation. It's ok.

v Not for individual resale.

^ More expensive inside box.


v *Deathly silence*.

^ Surprised that I booby-trap my booby-room?
< Referring to the milking-mares, not the property.
v Has experimented with milk of non-cows.

^ I have tried goats milk a long time ago. I wonder if you'd count coconut milk? I haven't tried that though.

< *steps outside for a moment* Everything was Cubone.

v Is on good terms with their body clock.

^ I genuinely misread that as "bloody cock".

< Now I'm not sure what to say.

v Please, do something with this sentence.

^ I'm Head Sproutison and THIS is my sentence.

< Morning Frappe.

v What's gonna come through that door?

^ The Kool-Aid Man, after misjudging when to open his parachute.

< Currently lives in a parallel universe.

v Would like to be under the sea in an octopus's garden in the shade?

^ except rocks swim better than I do.

< my previous statement was not an exageration

V Shaquille O'Heal!

^ Pass the stims.

< My throat is RAWWWW.

v This is not a costume.

^ No, it is the cape of law betrayal.

< Oh no, here it comes...

v Did you betray the law?







^ This message was brought to you by the letter L.

< War, Huh! What is it good for?

V The Lord of Terror. . . eh not so much

^ Thursday morning was gloriously foggy; I took it as a sign that I should play Silent Hill 2/3.
< But every time Maria approaches the coin-puzzle room, the game bleeding freezes on me.
v Do I need to clear out the monsters in the hallway first, or not pick up the map, or read the note directing me to this room?

^ Blarg.

< Playing a zombie tank.

V Eating waffles.

^ I've neglected to eat yet.

< Yesterday was productive. A hike up Slieve Donard in the morning followed b an awesome night in with friends. Seems I got sick though.

v My angle...or my devil?

^ half devil half angel?

< Grab life by the dumplings

V Before the battle of the fist comes the battle of the mind.

^ Convince them to surrender.

< Prefers the practical approach.

V Never met a nice South African.

^ That was good.

< Niantic stop messing with the spawns.

v Will help me procrastinate.

^ I don't think you need any help doing that. but sure, why not?

< My internet sucks right now.

V To fight monsters, we created monsters

^ *existential dread*

< Granny's 80th.

v Reddit.

^ blueit

< where's da beef?

V Paratus Preliator

^ Sounds like a Borderlands gun.

< I stare at my cat. He stares back. I meow at him. He twitches his ears while continuing to stare darkly back as if to frankly reply: "yep."

v *white person smile*

^ Indeed.

< Just had a nice lunch with his mom.

V Needs $700 by tomorrow for purposes unknown.

^ Are you offering?

< Did not manage my time very well!

v There's red on you.

^ I pricked my finger on a tiny shard of glass this mourning.
< Then voted Hillary.
v Either way, there's blood on my hands.

^ I am very anxious right now with regards to that.

< On the bright side, Hugh Mungus's gofundme has over $100k and Zarna's has still not been replaced with anything as far as I know.

v Divided.

^ multiplied

< benefiting from a convenient addition error

V Paratus Preliator

^ Sounds like a Borderlands gun.

It means "ready the warrior"


< So...Trump, eh? The future is very uncertain but I like what he said about binding the wounds of division.

v Wee.

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