the ^ < V game

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^ Do you need a mop?

< Has lost a bit of weight.

V Hey, will you make me a sandwich?

^ Sure. Thorax of making sandwiches!

< welcome to the little sandwich shop of horrors

V The fate of the universe will be decided as it should be. . . in PORTAL KOMBAT!

^ Scorpion could make the room look like the inside of a pincushion.

< So...Trump, eh? The future is very uncertain but I like what he said about binding the wounds of division.

v Says the knife-wielding maniac.

^ What knife? I'm just holding a harmless shotgun.

< Second amendment!

v Where's the lobby?

^ Deep inside the Central Highlands of Madagascar.
< It's like the Moon, but with unique flora/fauna instead of none.
v LtCorbis is my new guilty pleasure.

^ How does Lt. Corbis feel about this?

< Cruising the streets of Siam.

V Reaper of Soles.

^ No, but I did once live near a cobbler.

< There were key-cutters and locksmiths at the local market too.

v Are you the bait-keeper?

^ Watch the bloodworms don't getcha.

< An otherwise lovely Italian dish was ruined by disgusting white wine sauce. Seriously horrible. No idea who'd enjoy something with such an indefinable taste.

v The little headless squids were so cute too!

^ Ew.

< I used to go to Amaroni's. I miss Amaroni's.

v Are you a little bit Italy today?

^ I only went last night because it was a friend's birthday and it was his favourite restaurant.

< If only I liked pizza...

v Deflating.

^ Nope.

< Quack.

V Can't see past the line.

^ I didn't cross the line, the line crossed me!

< enjoying my 2000 inch TV.

V "Is it because I asked?" "No it is because you can fly." "haha should have kept your big beak shut." "and take Mantis with you." "Was it because I" . . . "Yes!"

^ I won't ask.

< I handed in 45 pounds worth of 10p coins to the bank for notes and they didn't even weigh them, just asked me how much it was, counted the number of bags and handed over the good money.

v Wears crocodile clips as ear jewellery.

^ Yes, actually, and they're Lego crocodiles!
< Had chicken from the food-cart today.

Drake the Dragonheart:
^ How does Lt. Corbis feel about this?

It might be something like this, if I made myself known to her. But I don't.

^ Blarg.

< More blarg.

V Less blarg.

^ We need to address the blarg gap.

< Pre-ordered Sun over Moon based on the exclusives. I had Moon pre-ordered a long time before, hopefully it arrives on time despite the late order.

v Number one.

^ Not when it comes to blarging, I fear.

< I like alteration.

v Are you a mystic?

^ I was, but I was made redundant. I asked to be reworked but the bosses couldn't be arsed with me.


v Polished.


< run_dmc

v now D a N c E ! ! !

^ image

< I've started using the term "memer" as a synonym of "jokester".

v MeeM.


< Gotta go to work soon.

V Which is more powerful: Blarg or MeeM?

^ Blarg gives people hopes and dreams.

< I wonder how well digital copies of Sun and Moon sell, being a whole ?8 more expensive and all.

v Filled with positivity for this new day.

^ Not even a little.

< Really hates adulting sometimes.

V Where all the women at?

^ The bathroom.

< 5. EXTRA. DAYS!!!

v Who do I blame!?

^ The Man...

< The Myth...

V The Legend...

^ Och well. I wouldn't say that, love.

< Perhaps I should wait until until after Friday to play Sun and Moon, seeing as I won't have to worry about college for a few days.

v But that would require effort!

^ *A fart?

< Yes, that must be what he meant.

v Country music and dancing? Out, OUT!

^ Do you mean to say you're tired of hearing about how my lover left me?

< I caught a Chansey yesterday. Only ever seen one in a gym and that was a long time ago, so it came up as a silhouette on my sightings.

v ٩( ᐛ )و

^ Neat.

< Only one more day of work before a five day weekend.

V I'm barrowing your tool shed.

^ Is that a wheelbarrow pun or a spelling mistake?

< Niantic changed the base stat formula, and it has led to good and bad things.

EDIT: v I forgot a bit.

^ I propose to teach my small dog math, because every Lil Bit counts.
< Seriously, she's a 5-pound yorki-wawa who's skull is too small to contain her eyes.
v She answers to her name and the sound of her squeaky-toy.

^ Neat.

< My feet hurt.

V Cascading ducks.

^ Anyone remember those desktop sheep?

< Found a video of them with a piece of music you used to hear all the time in YouTube videos. Double nostalgia.

v Unregistered hypercam.


< Das ist mein weeneeedog.

v You ever see that video of the two guys playing the really awful Sonic game at 15fps?

^ No, but for what it's worth the italicisation of that word made it look like it was trying to go fast.

< Going slow and steady through Pokemon Sun.

v Rigged.

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