the ^ < V game

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^ Do the Monster Mash!

< Even though it's January.

V Needs assistance.

^ No kidding, real-life mummies dance better than me.
< Has the singing voice of puberty-ravaged little boy.
v Disapproves of my use of "ravaged" and "boy" in the same sentence.

^ Neh.

< Emus look like walking piles of dead grass with noodle necks and grabby heads. Or like the top of a ravenna grass dropped off and came to life.

v *acts like a really smug, outrageous bird*

^ Quack.

< Blarg.

V Other random noises.

^ Vwoooorp.

< PokeBank update when?

v Mighty Number.

^ Numbers are only mighty insofar that they control everything in the Universe.
< Has heard the love-song of black holes making sweet gravity waves, and it sounds like a scene transition in a crappy children's sitcom.
v Will survive long enough to visit another solar system.

^ Does that include witnessing human extinction?

< Wait, what would that make me?

v Oh my, your ears are lovely.

^ The right one is blocked. I'm fixing it.

< I had an orange in the 90% that isn't so nice. I love the 10%.

v Hyper trained.

^ Uhg, I hate on-rails.
< Open roads for life!
v But why skies?

^ I don't know.

< Headache.

V You think I should change my avatar soon?

^ Not until you get that spot you missed.

< Bought a weird apple drink, "Snapple". It tastes like those bright red apples that are never as good as the crispy red and green ones.

v Ugh, don't be a meme.

^ If I'm a meme no one has told me.

< Should start sleeping soon.

V Was not told what to expect.

^ Yes and because of this I have been done a frighten.

< I'm gonna play some D&D next week!

v You do you.

^ Nah.

< Bah.

V Dah.

^ I grow weary of your gibberish.
< Needs property to unwind.
v And by property, I mean video games.

^ I don't know, get a copy of The Last Guardian.

< Really does not give a f*ck about 30 vs. 60fps.

V Lives life in the fast lane.

^ I walk fast.

< Speaking of FPS I tried to slow down an animation by increasing the FPS. Turns out 21 seconds takes the same amount of time for a 30fps animation as it does a 99fps animation.

v The results are in. I'm an idiot.

^ I can neither confirm nor deny this.

< is eclectic

V ever wondered just how the hell Raynor fit that battlecruiser into some of those places?

^ I liked when the red guy's face didn't show his eyes. I have such a huge fetish for that kind of design.

< I think the aimlessness it gives a character is what makes it so cute.

v Likes ASMR.

^ It makes me cringe.

< Trying to fix sleep schedule.

v What's your least favourite word?

^ I know there are one or two that I really don't like, but I can't remember what they are at the moment.

< Sleepy.

V Must go on a mighty quest every time they want to use the bathroom.

^ No, but sometimes I send an explorer or two off to explore a sewer level.

< Having a lazy day because I've had 2 hours of walking and plenty of college work to do every day this week.

v Allegedly alleged.

< Really does not give a f*ck about 30 vs. 60fps.

^ That's because you've never played a game on 60fps; every tiny reduction of reaction time improves the experience.
< Has played Doom 3, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Driver: San Francisco, and the Ratchet & Clank games on 60fps.
v The difference is that paying close attention, which is what I like to do as often as possible, only exposes a delay in frames on 30fps; and if I can notice it, that's precious time wasted having to wait for the next frame.
> Don't get me wrong, 30fps is good enough, the point is it's an objective improvement.

^ Surprised you're not tired of this conversation.

< That coursework submission feel. B)

v Might be worth something in a few years.

^ I don't tire of this because I tend to put actual effort into my posts.
< The giant fluffy Friday snowstorm combined with a 5-mile walk last week didn't stop me from getting my full $2 refund for Conan Offline for PS3, what an on-the-nose and aimless God of War imitation.
v It did however result in the nastiest blister ever on my right pinky-toe by way of misfitting snow-boots; for two days, the slightest touch was Hell on feet and the scab remains to this day.

^ I was talking about the fps conversation.

< I rarely consider this place a conversation, just a place to put thoughts.

v This part of the post is always a bit shit, sorry.

^ My one post about it was late because I was either busy or asleep until then.
< In fact, that's the first time I've ever spoken that much about the subject; I usually let the PC master-race preach it.
v I watched Source Code the other day, wow that ending sucks hardcore.

^ Neat.

< Has stuff he should really do, but does not want to do it.

V Squashed a bug.

^ They must all die.
< Is prejudice against arthropods.
v Tolerates all life, even that centipede that sweats cyanide.

^ Yeah, I rarely squash bugs.

< Appreciates when people say arthropod. That blanket term needs to be made mainstream, but nobody cares about creepy-crawlies.

v Likes something people normally hate.

^ I think Predator 2 is awesome, in a campy way but still.

< Wants to get around to reading the Alien and Predator comics at some point.

V "You're one UGLY mother fucker!"

^ Meh.

< Should be asleep.

V Caught fifty sharks with a single tooth pick and some dental floss.

^ They were those really tiny sharks that fit in a man's hand.
< Then I let them go, because too many sharks die to a bad reputation.
v Wishes Spoony would make scripted reviews again.

^ I don't watch him, but things are normally better with a script if you ask me.

< I have pecan nuts but no effective way to open them. I've been using the ones with the hardest shells to press against the softer ones in my fist, but it's fiddly to get in even after that.

v Meanie pants.

^ My pants are mean, that's why I prefer my shorts.

< Blarg.

V Games?

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