the ^ < V game

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^ No...

< Needs to go back to work soon.

V Hello.

^ Greetings.

< I wish you could turn off the goofy music that plays when you ride a Pokemon on land. I want to give the soundtrack a proper listen.

v Just acting this way because they had a troubled childhood.

^ my childhood was fairly non-chalant

< a master exploder

V "Wings of Surveillance!" "Why do you do that?" "Do what?" "Just because you say 'wings of' before you do something doesn't make it a special move. Like if I said 'antennae of power' or 'Thorax. . . of making sandwiches'." "wings of disagreement."

^ I'm a better exploder.

< I can't be a ginger, wear long sleeved or full leg clothing in Sun and Moon. I guess we traded those for the ability to be black.

v Caught in the undertow, just caught in the undertow.

^ Nah.

< Just beat the campaign of Dungeon Siege 3. Wasn't too bad, but is a bit too short for my liking.

V Now if only I had some more friends who had it so I could do the 4-player stuff.

^ What's your system?
< Has PS3.
v I've been playing a lot of Far Cry 2 lately, non-linear story-telling done right!

^ never owned a playstation, so no sorry.

< does most gaming on the pc these days.

V "We gotta get in there" "But Master Sheifu said. . " "YOu're seriously afraid? Even master chicken is going in there, and HE'S A CHICKEN!"
"bock bock b-gock!"

^ I liked it when you sourced the silly things you get these quotes from.

< Feeling melancholy so I'm going to drink chocolate milk and watch silly videos to be 6 years old again.

v Remembers being 6.

^ How did you know that my first ever memories were when I was 6.

< Morsy is back, back again?

v What do you think of the taste of Bayonne ham?

^ I've never had any.

< I would like to try that expensive Spanish ham one day.

v Do you prefer cheese and tomato toasties or cheese and ham toasties?

^ Can toasties be a thing without the cheese?

< The park's swarm has changed again. It was squirtle (sigh.) and now it's rhyhorn. (hooray!) The other nearby park is sandshrew, I wish it was still bulbasaur.

v Thinks bats are cute.

^ Not particularly.

< Spent most of the day playing Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon.

V It's awesome, if fairly short.

^ Fan of the 80's?

< Haven't played any of the Far Cry's or their DLC's

V Let's disco.

^ *Sigh*...very well.

< It gives me no pleasure, I assure you.

v There. Happy?

^ Strike us darling, once again!

< As fuccboi as it might make me, I love the cringe subreddit.

v Show me your moves.

^ ~( o_o)~

< \(o . o )7

v z( -_o)z

^ Nice. But you still have to take me out for dinner.

< I wonder if anyone actually does challenge themselves to masturbate to difficult to fap to things.

v 30-something nerdy critic.

^ Give me another 3 years.
< This is purely non-sexual, but 2 separate middle-aged men in my life believe the basic concept of violence is more damaging to the human psyche than gratuitousness or authenticity.
v I saw fit to prove them wrong by searching for beheading videos; the high-def/slow-mo closeup made me queazy for the rest of the night while the one where a woman pleads for her life, is beheaded, and then emotes all in under a minute and the same shot still haunts me to this day.
> Compared to everything from cartoon violence to parody-esque God of War gore, neither of which makes me feel bad. I now resent these men and their antiquated assumptions because they prompted me to ruin my perfect track-record of never having witnessed gruesome/real death.

^ R/wtf is in my subscriptions.

< I don't think I'll ever watch 2 guys 1 hammer. That's where I draw the line. Videos with sound and prolonged suffering.

v Happy-happy joy-joy.

^ Yes, don't ever watch that footage.

< I'm also glad that the audio of the Grizzly Man death was destroyed.

v Some things just shouldn't be released.

^ Like Timesplitters 4.

< Hopefully I won't be too bogged down with work before the 23rd. I've been very distracted.

v Is actually a cluster of polyps.

^ I'll have you know that I don't know what that means and am afraid to look it up.

< Don't fink I'd enjoy looking up one, neiver! Wa-hey, wa-hey!

v *Comedy horn three inches from your ear*.


< Polyps are abnormal tissue growths in humans, but I was referring to the zoological usage. The portuguese man o' war is made up of four polyps, which is what inspired that V, although I think I've said that in a V before...

v Fufufufufufu.

^ I will have a new keyboard sent along.

< Another year survived on planet Earth.

v Will they come back for me soon, do you think?

^ Only to collect your corpse for research purposes.

v Is actually a cluster of polyps.

< You've discovered the secret to my youth!
v Also frequently thinks of clever things to say long after the opportunity to say it has passed.

^ Yep.

< It really sucked when this would happen in school for writing assignments.

V Will be continued.

^ Jesus...probably.

< *Honkhonkhonkhonkhonk*.

v Is that the sound of the police?

^ I think it's the circus, laddie.

< Tokyo Laundry always nails everything I want in a jacket or coat, I should just buy from this brand for the rest of my life.

v Wants a pet bear.

^ I'd like to pet one and feed it some McVities.

< Close enough.

v Far from home. Here's a homeward bone.

^ Bonemerang.

< I really like Gumshoos, but I can't shake the notion that it really looks like Trump. I don't want politics in my Pokemon...

v Cooking with gas.

^ Claims to be alive, but this is still 2016, so...
< Has a gas oven, so ^ is correct.
v Constantly giggles when "69" is mentioned.

^ No, only every once in a while.

< Blargs.

V Saw a creeper the other day.

^ he was doing the creep!

< flip the switch

V reposting this because when I originally posted it the following poster responded to the < arrow instead of the V arrow

"Wings of Surveillance!" "Why do you do that?" "Do what?" "Just because you say 'wings of' before you do something doesn't make it a special move. Like if I said 'antennae of power' or 'Thorax. . . of making sandwiches'." "wings of disagreement." from KFP3

^ I an't flippin' no sweetches, moite.
< Watched Olympus Has Fallen, hated it.
v Finishes every game before starting another.

^ I wish I could say that.

< I wish I had someone to hug right now.

v Quicksand.

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