the ^ < V game

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^ I dreamt of being horrible to someone last night.

< I'm glad to see Buzzfeed hate showing up in my suggestions, but I'm not watching the stuff because it's a circlejerk that in the end will just make me grumpy.

v You can do better.

^ Probably...

< ...But that would require effort on my part.

V Seize the potato!

^ I have seized all the potatos.
< They are fed to only my most loyal donkeys.
v Guess what I use to grow them!

^ The souls of the boring.

< Played with small tanks. It was fun.

V Smells all the roses at all times.

^ How'd you know that's what I call my poop?
< Or the secret to my mask, for that matter.
v Wants me to change personas to a character from an obscure high-fantasy web-comic.

^ You're just fine as is.

< I heard JonTron was a neo-nazi or a nazi sympathiser. Turns out he's neither. What a surprise. I'm appalled anyone honestly thinks that anyone who isn't an extremely fringe member of society would come out and express such views, even with obvious shame.

v Likes birds.

^ Yes. Penguins being my favorite

< fully alive

V "more to the left" "Uh but master, its so heavy!" "20 years I have waited for this moment. Everything must be exactly as I envisioned it, and I envisioned it a little more to the left." "perfect. with the weapon by my side. . . little more little more."

^ This reminds me of the blurb on the back of Dalmatians 3.

< I have a hunch Swinub is our Drowzee this time round. I don't mind. Now how do I get a metal coat?

v Comes with an action accessory.

^ Occasionally.

< It will cost an extra $10 though.

V Saw and ad in a flier once.

^ an ad within a flier within a commercial!

< hero of the norm

V is not the poster these forums deserve, but the one it needs.

^ It desperately needs posters, that's for sure.

< I got dunsparce and I don't know what to make of it rarity-wise. I can't think of somewhere it'd spawn regularly because it's so vague and doesn't mirror any real-life animals.

v My cat smells like farts.

^ That's to be expected.

< Can't understand.

v ...

< All your bases are ours now.

^ 'Ello m8.

< I had to return my brother's screen when he got back from Japan, and now I'm really missing multitasking...

v Anxieties.

^ Is my Yu-Gi-Oh deck ever going to be good enough to win against literally anyone? So far, I'm pretty much zero for...

< It's a Blue-Eyes deck. Still don't have all the support or staple cards I need, though.

v Want to duel me?

^ Only if we treat it like a high-stakes life-or-death ordeal.
v Prefers some other 4Kids dub.

^ Kirby was the only one they did right. Helps that that one actually was for kids.

< Just found twelve bricks.

v Beware the Ides of March!

^ But April is the cruelest month.

< T.S (Fucking) Elliont

V Knows a good typo when they see it.

^ I'd like to think so.


v Misleading thumbnail.

^ Every new page, a...
< thumbnail gallery unrelated...
v the previous one.

^ Top 5 Anime deaths

< Surprised

V Remembers the time before memes.

^ It was a time of Saturday morning cartoons...
< ...early computer-animation...
v ...and children literally killing each other over collectible toy animals..

^ You mean back when Pokemon came out?

< At the time, had no idea that Pokemon was from Japan.

v Won't even respond to this line, instead just going off on their own tangent.

^ Pokemon cards and beanie babies if I remember correctly.
< I definitely saw on the news a literal truckload of beanie babies spill on the highway and some idiot woman was trying to steal some.
v Will describe the craziest thing they ever saw on local news TV.

^ Where were the badgers when the bricks invaded?

< Blarg.

V Why no sharks?

^ If I had enough water to spare for a shark tank, believe me, I would have sharks.
< Besides, the way it's set up now, I don't want to spill sharks onto my loyal donkeys.
v But if you know of any sand-sharks, please tell me.

^ flying sharks. that's it, we're ****ED!

< just sensored a swear word even though has no problem with swearing, damn it!

V We go where no one goes

^ Yes the Escapist forum games.

< No comes here anymore

V Except YOU!

^ I so ronery.
< Except for the property room.
v So don't expect me to quote the Kim-jong musical number.

^ Why would I do that?

< Meh.

V Why can't we exploded the billiards?

^ Answering both questions, because Team America was really funny.
< Hated the sex scene; too much excrement and not enough plastic nudity.
v Wants to not know what I'm talking about.

^ I don't remember the excrement part...

< Grandad's memory's pretty bad these days.

v Zooboo!

^ Have you ever seen a stuffed lemur forcibly strip a gay couple?
< Liked them more when their 3rd wheel was a teenage girl.
v And now they fly around in a robot turtle.

^ I've found ignorance is actually very costly.

< drove snow cats today.


Only one who has exceeded the Falcon can become Captain Falcon. From today, you are Captain Falcon!

^ The only thing I remember about F-Zero is that an episode of the anime is the only time 4Kids showed male nudity.
< Changed the previous v to make it more relevant to the rest of the post.
v Will guess who I was talking about with lemurs and turtles.

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