the ^ < V game

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^ Couldn't tell you.

< Tanks.

V Fires nothing but premium shells.

^ And each one cost me a teaspoon of milk!
< Also looted the remains of both Ecto-1s.
v Thinks that's a crazy exchange rate.

^ I have no frame of reference.

< When my phone's screen goes black, you can see fingerprints in the shape of the points on a Pokemon Duel board. Oh, also the TSR devs released a shitty trailer saying the game's coming out in 2017. Would have been wayyyy better if they conveyed that information in 20 seconds rather than more than two minutes and without any impressive visuals.

v Hide the pain.

^ I feel no pain!

< any problem started by a tank, can be solved by a tank!

V She's my Banshee Queen!

that yoshi sound is so cute, a yoshi skin should be added to Dehaka!

^ Meh.

< Has a dentist appointment Friday. Not looking forward to it.

V Fired from a cannon feet first.

^ How else is an Immortan to be born?
< Mistakenly bought the second 30 Days of Night movie for $1.50, watched it that night, and sold it the next day to a different pawn shop for $2.00.
v Anything less and I would have felt ripped off, it was such a shit-show.

^ You made BANK.

< I just wanted to say...thanks.


^ [The image you wished to use is broken/gone because Imgur is stupid]

< Damn it, I liked that image too.

V Also hates it when they go to use a GIF/image from their collection only to find it's no longer usable.

^ The joke's on you, I don't use Imgur!
< Although sandstorms usually take down the propaganda banners before I'm done with them.
v Just like in Cloud Atlas, where people of different walks of life experience the same fundamental struggles.

^ Deeeeeee-eeeee-eeeeeeee-eee-eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-eep.

< Lost against Jad, so rather than a fire cape, I get sadness and wasted time.

v oi u



V John Madden.

^ Le American Football man.

< I got my fire cape, second time lucky.

v I got my "yeah alright at video games I guess" badge. Did you?

^ Probably would have by now if it didn't seem like the entirety of the game was against me at all times.

< I just want to relax after a long day at work and it's hard when I keep getting my face shot in around every corner no matter what I do.

V Does not know this feeling.

^ We all have those days...

< I got really lucky with legendary drops this OW event...however getting chang'e twice was a bit of a kick in the bum, and it's a shame I only really wanted one of them this time around, and wound up having to spend coins all the emotes and victory poses I wanted...

v I just really like dynamite and fireworks.

^ You're not the joker are you?

< Not that I could do a whole lot if you were.

V I can access your mind through your dreams. One simple idea can change everything. That's why I have to steal it!

^ I dreamt of being horrible to someone last night.

< I'm glad to see Buzzfeed hate showing up in my suggestions, but I'm not watching the stuff because it's a circlejerk that in the end will just make me grumpy.

v You can do better.

^ Probably...

< ...But that would require effort on my part.

V Seize the potato!

^ I have seized all the potatos.
< They are fed to only my most loyal donkeys.
v Guess what I use to grow them!

^ The souls of the boring.

< Played with small tanks. It was fun.

V Smells all the roses at all times.

^ How'd you know that's what I call my poop?
< Or the secret to my mask, for that matter.
v Wants me to change personas to a character from an obscure high-fantasy web-comic.

^ You're just fine as is.

< I heard JonTron was a neo-nazi or a nazi sympathiser. Turns out he's neither. What a surprise. I'm appalled anyone honestly thinks that anyone who isn't an extremely fringe member of society would come out and express such views, even with obvious shame.

v Likes birds.

^ Yes. Penguins being my favorite

< fully alive

V "more to the left" "Uh but master, its so heavy!" "20 years I have waited for this moment. Everything must be exactly as I envisioned it, and I envisioned it a little more to the left." "perfect. with the weapon by my side. . . little more little more."

^ This reminds me of the blurb on the back of Dalmatians 3.

< I have a hunch Swinub is our Drowzee this time round. I don't mind. Now how do I get a metal coat?

v Comes with an action accessory.

^ Occasionally.

< It will cost an extra $10 though.

V Saw and ad in a flier once.

^ an ad within a flier within a commercial!

< hero of the norm

V is not the poster these forums deserve, but the one it needs.

^ It desperately needs posters, that's for sure.

< I got dunsparce and I don't know what to make of it rarity-wise. I can't think of somewhere it'd spawn regularly because it's so vague and doesn't mirror any real-life animals.

v My cat smells like farts.

^ That's to be expected.

< Can't understand.

v ...

< All your bases are ours now.

^ 'Ello m8.

< I had to return my brother's screen when he got back from Japan, and now I'm really missing multitasking...

v Anxieties.

^ Is my Yu-Gi-Oh deck ever going to be good enough to win against literally anyone? So far, I'm pretty much zero for...

< It's a Blue-Eyes deck. Still don't have all the support or staple cards I need, though.

v Want to duel me?

^ Only if we treat it like a high-stakes life-or-death ordeal.
v Prefers some other 4Kids dub.

^ Kirby was the only one they did right. Helps that that one actually was for kids.

< Just found twelve bricks.

v Beware the Ides of March!

^ But April is the cruelest month.

< T.S (Fucking) Elliont

V Knows a good typo when they see it.

^ I'd like to think so.


v Misleading thumbnail.

^ Every new page, a...
< thumbnail gallery unrelated...
v the previous one.

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