the ^ < V game

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^ well crap, which one do I respond to?

< ready and willing!

V you've been . . . BambooXUL'ed!

oh god, who farted!
NO NO NO not in the . . . healing fountain
cleanup healing fountain.
guess now we know why they have a cooldown!

^ Watched

< I know little of this game

V Like and subscribe?

^ Sub4sub.

< The wedding was quite sweet at points, but pretty boring overall. I liked the groom, he said "I do" too early and shed many tears.

v I relate to this protagonist.

^ blank slate characters for self projection.

< the ace of blades


^ Of course, only the natural power of organic fruit can stop the evil Digimasters!
< Quoted the other Heart of Darkness.
v Can make more sense of it than the movie.

^ Probably not.

< Blarg.

V Where are the pants?

^ You only ask because it's your catchphrase, and you didn't even get it right.
< Doesn't want a catchphrase.
v Thinks I have one anyway.

^ No.

< Hungry.

V Sleeps on sheep.

^ I have not gotten to that level.

< There was a little chicken coop at the wedding and the chickens would mutter up to you and one nipped at my fingers, but it didn't hurt.

v A

^ B
< C
v D
> E

^ E for E-Peen.

< Now my character dies when it is killed.


^ I wanted to be immortal so I could live forever!
< Settled for faking it.
v Please quote your favorite SCP entry.

^ can I do a KFP quote instead?

< at the edge of oblivion

V Promise me Shifu. Promise me you will believe.

^ I believe making promises I can't keep is a bad idea, is that good enough?
< Thought of Dyson Spheres independently, and then found out they were already a thing.
v Laughing at my misery.

^ Ok, but to make things fair, you can laugh at mine if you like

< a grown little man.

V My time has come. You must continue your journey without me.

^ Cool, where am I going?
< Should have asked sooner.
v Has a favorite monster in every movie with many monsters.

^I am my own monster

< Crawling in my skiiiiinnnn

V has had a cup of tea today.

^ I like tea, but I don't drink it often.

< Teppanyaki is good. I had stupid friends who wouldn't eat their miso soup, so I got two extra bowls. Oyster is great, I felt very fat by the time I was finished.

v Nice interface.

^ If that were so, I wouldn't need this mask.
< Stuck in the Star Trek Online tutorial because the last Klingon in the first room refuses to spawn.
v Has a glitch ever prevented you from even starting?

^ not from starting no.

< but found some actually quite useful glitches in a few games

V one often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it. - Master Oogway.

^ A lot of my War-Colts feel the same way, given how averse they were to drafting.
< Watching a review to the most boring sci-fi movie ever.
v That's right, even more boring than 2001!

^ Meh.

< Need sleep soon.

V Quacked into a corner.

^ I ain't 'fraid of no ducks.

< I tried the switch, overall it really appeals to me as a console and I really want a software reason to buy one. If I really wanted to play Zelda I'd sooner investigate the possibility of somebody having nothing better to do with their Wii U than to lend it to me temporarily.

v Anus-clenchingly expensive.

^ yikes!

< laugh at my pain


I. . . I have nothing to add to this one. Enjoy!

^ Meh.

< Had the day off today.

V No.

^ *lowers arms, defeated*

< My friends were joking about how socially awkward I was yesterday as we halted a D&D game to grab some food. "Roll for charisma, Jack!" I did. 1. You can't write this shit.

v Wait, I just did.

^ Correction: you wrote *about* it.
< Wants to play table-top, but so ronery.
v But there is hope: a Facebook page dedicated to tabletop gaming in my town.
> I refuse to get on Facebook.

^ You can make an account with the bare minimum. Just use it for communication.

< 8: Thou shalt not touch Headsprouter's leftovers.

v Drinks to any cause.

^ But not too much, or I'll resent its absence.
< Doesn't care, swore off ever considering Facebook when my dad was constantly pestered by his family's Farmville activity.
v And I don't care that it stopped.

^ Agreed.

< Never had a Facebook account and probably never will.

V Hates things that look at them funny.

^What you lookin' at!?

< Make em' laugh!

V Cup of tea?

^ Staring children!

< Need to check if I can return some shoes that lasted me less than 6 months, and if a soldering iron can save my headset.

v Lop-sided.

^ Loli-sided!
< Pop or con?
v You decide.


<Do do do do dododo

V Simon and post modern art Garfunkle?

^ Why would you alchemise John Arbuckle with Garfield the Cat?
< Is it so that he'll finally have a chance with the vet?
v Simon isn't the boss of me!

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