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^ Who doesn't have a Mighty Need for more Zim?
< Flirts with the grace of an invisible pink unicorn...that suffers from small pox.
v Wherever there is free watermelon, it will usually be denied to me.

^ That's sad. Watermelon is a makes for a delicious, healthy snack.

< A character in League said "I do what I must". I can relate to that, as I also sometimes do things that i need to do.

v That's so Headsprouter!

^ I've now got Still Alive in my head because of that quote.

< Did a bunch of adulting today. Not looking forward to doing more of it later this month.

V Needs a nap.

^ Yes, and I just woke up.

< I told a porky, I've been awake since 2pm yesterday.

v Having trouble dodging my long, wooden nose.

^ Are you sure it's not your =========================================================================toe?
< Thinks he's clever.
v Knows damn well what each of their body-parts are.

^ Would you like to meet fist #1?

< I returned 4 cans of coke to buy a 12 pack from another shop that worked out a pound cheaper thinking "yeah! i'm just making use of my consumer rights!", needless to say despite it going off without a hitch I felt like a total prat and i'll probably never do it again.

v Not much to my surprise I walked home to find I had become my own father.

^ Shit, if I could turn in a couple of used bottles/cans of soda and get enough money to get more I'd do that all the damn time.

< Too bad nowhere near where I live does that as far as I know.

V Do you have a mace?

^ I once found mace in the road, but then grandma asked for it at Christmas.
< Has a sword collection, though; everything was either purchased for cheap at a yard sale or inherited from grandpa.
v We sold his 80 guns; I hate loud noises.

^ A blade man.


^ Shit, if I could turn in a couple of used bottles/cans of soda and get enough money to get more I'd do that all the damn time.

They weren't used cans, it was a 4-pack of 330ml cans for ?1.59 that I returned in favour of buying 12 cans at better value.

v Perhaps I should have just forgone the sugary poison altogether but NAHHHHHH.

^ prefers his poison salty...

< Is on a congee binge...

v Judges my cooking...

^ I am no position to judge other's cooking...

< Had to stop watching somebody play Oblivion because I know the game too well to not get annoyed.

v Fug.

^ If Dash gives guff while running faster than light...
< he taking guff...
v ...or giving fug?

^ Couldn't tell you.

< Blarg.

V Can I haz good map plz?

^ Ah, the early 2000's...

< Today I'm just going to work. The problem is getting into something else and getting distracted, so I'll fix that by simply not getting into anything else.

v But first...

^ ...and last.
< Bought The Sims 2 on PC disk for a quarter at a yard sale.
v Is more impressed that I also got Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles shiny hardcover for the same price.

^ I don't know what that is, but for a quarter that a really good find.

< Found a really cool Nerf gun(probably broken) and an old customizable lightsaber(sadly without the extras) for $2 a piece at Goodwill yesterday.

V Also shops at thrift stores and yard sales.

^ Being smart with money gets us so far in life.
< The book includes Interview with a Vampire and Queen of the Damned; surely you've heard of one movie or the other, right?
v Never heard of "The Vampire Lestat", though.

^ Over here we'd call them charity shops and car boot sales, and not in a long time.

< Should really poke around in used book shops and charity shops though. It's always potentially interesting.


^ Did you know that homeopathic medicine that works is just called medicine


V Check for traps?

^ It would have helped the Wet Bandits plenty.
< Home Alone 3 was a guilty pleasure of my childhood.
v Is there anyone who doesn't like the first movie?

^ Well I remember loving it as a kid.

< After acquiring new equipment and trying again, I have discovered the only answer is to continually throw myself at this boss. EDIT: I DID IT AND I'M STILL CLEANING THE ROOM OF JIZZ

v Has a humorous visual analogy.

^So me and my Spanish friend were walking when suddenly he was shot......I ran to him and asked "Mate what happened!?" He replied "Jacob......Jacob I saw a bacon tree.....I was shot by a bacon tree." Shaken I cried as he died in my arms. For it was not a bacon tree; it was a ham-bush.


V Is not amused.

^ I'm not in the mood for your tomfoolery.

< I'll just keep telling myself that casket I lost due to pure stupidity had contents of no more than 100k value.

v Poo-head.

^ hair is brown.

< Yay.....

V Critical Miss has been cancelled.

^ image

< Yard sale time.

V Explodes pants often.

^ only after a bean curry.

< If it doesn't burn on the way out you haven't tried hard enough.

V Hus firma Pride!

^ u wot

< I took some bait, and in retrospect it was extremely obvious and I went about it in the worst possible way.

v Grrr. Arrg. I am silly. Etc.

^eep Boo boo beep bop!

< My life for Aiur

V The ace of blades!

^ I don't get it.

< Playing some Tanks.

V Is really behind on something.

^ enemy territory

< Proud defender of Broncos Territory

V Welcome to Dehaka Park! (love the Jurassic Park references in this one!)

^ Meh.

< Could have really used something to smash a while ago.

V Do you have a really nice stick?

^ Will you settle for being linked to a Styx song on Youtube?
< Just watched Rock & Rule.
v Thinks I made a typo.

^ I think you're back.

< Remember that YouTube advert that started with the phrase "let's suppose"? God. Something about that string of syllables makes me mentally gag every time I hear it.

v "Could care less".

^ Only because I care so much.
< Worst of all was those 6-minute unskippable (sans refresh) ads about stupid shit like make-up tutorials.
v Delightfully greeting your viewers by referring to them as the website that hosts you loses all charm when those viewers were forced to watch stupid shit they either don't care about or actively despise.




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