the ^ < V game

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^ What?

< Blarg.

V Why aren't the dinosaurs responding to my calls?

^ perhaps the machine didn't copy the resonating chamber correctly?

< Welcome to Broncos Territory!

V Legend Legend Legendary Legends!

^ Jurassic Park 3 is the best guilty pleasure OF ALL TIME.
< That there's no other competing franchise that takes dinosaurs seriously is a damn crime.
v Next movie, Owen rides Blue like a horse. PLEASE!

^ who is Owen? and who or what is Blue?

< murlawllawllawl!

V I have a PHD in PVP! It's that Voodoo that you do-do!

^ Even though the script is one big pile of shit, you owe it to yourself to watch Jurassic World.
< Edited the previous post to include a very critical "no".
v When Dad & I watched Spaceballs together for the first time, he pointed out that the host in the diner is the same actor as in Alien, hence "Not again!"; when I said I'd never seen it (because neither of us had it on DVD until years later and it never airs on broadcast), he said "You poor thing."
> Then when he walked in as I was watching this video, I said it was referencing that same diner scene and he had no idea what I was talking about.

^ Nice.

< I just got the first two Alien movies yesterday on DVD for a bit over $5.

V Blarg.


< Staring at an Island whale wallpaper
V Bored enough to keep this going

^ Only reason why I come here.

< Surely there is something I should be doing...

V Also should be doing something better.

^ I'll be attending my second-gen cousin's concert tomorrow.
< Has a literal army of extended family; that's what Catholic grandparents will get me.
v But cousin Mathew shares my other grandparents.

^ Winner takes all.

< Feeling quite zen today. Working hard and plenty of time.

v Do you think the integer that represents chill rolls over once it passes 256, this being the secret of monks, they get so chill that they lose their chill?

^ What?

< Would love to have some stable income right now.

V Blargs into the night.

^ In space, there is only night.
< Is in space because I killed the world, and will now make another one from continents and oceans of other planets.
v Would like to hear about more Mad Max crossover ideas with cartoons.

^ Well more mad max is a good thing.

< Get those Aussie voice actors paid!

V Non indulgent chocolate?

^ white, dark, or milk?

< the eye of the storm


^ Everything in that movie looked faaaaaaaaaaaaake!
< The spiky shield was plastic, the waterfall was chuggy, the hero's heroics were lies, and the dragon was 90's CGI.
v Doesn't care, had dragons.

^ Dragons are easy to market, making them overdone.

< I ate kangaroo yesterday. It tasted like a seasoned beefburger, but I can't complain, as it was quite tasty.

v What?

^ where? why? how? who?

< why am I asking so many questions?

V We go where no one goes

^ Never seen the movie but no I've heard that song.....

< Kind of reminded me of jinja safari

V One day later......


< I ate kangaroo yesterday. It tasted like a seasoned beefburger, but I can't complain, as it was quite tasty.

Kangaroo is great! But it has to be more on the raw side or it becomes tougher than a boot.



Kangaroo is great! But it has to be more on the raw side or it becomes tougher than a boot.

Y'know, I did notice it was rather squishy. Maybe the cook had the raw side in mind. The texture was probably my favourite thing about it.

< I can't wait until my assignments are all done and handed in and I can just waste my life on Runescape for 3 months.

v *POKE*

^ don't poke the dragon!

< test your might!

V return the blade. . . complete the circle. . . RELEASE ME FROM THIS PRISON! NOW WE. . . ARE ONE!

^ Am I getting paid for it?

< Would really like it if he could just go back to where he was working instead of having to find a new job.

V Smells of daemons! And lavender, for some odd reason.

^ I'm a demonic bumble bee.

< I had cod after eating only tasty fish for a while. Set myself up for disappointment there.

v Above bored.

^ Fact 1: Every time I sell a game to Gamestop, they give me a $5 coupon that requires I sell them a game.
< Step 1: Buy a Wii game from Cash America for $1.
v Step 2: Trade Wii game to Gamestop with the coupon for a game I actually want.
> Fact 2: Even without the coupon, I would still get 16 cents more than I payed.

^ A system is best broken

< Rise up and fight brothers

V The man!

^ The Woman!
< The Child!
v Da Ugly One!

^ You need to roll charisma to determine the severity of my wisdom debuff.

< Ashens videos are fantastic background noise, even when it's a collab, although Guru Larry's voice is too harsh.

v Aroit maite. Dodjy geezer inne?

^Bleeden' hell ya damned near stopped my strawburry' tart wit dat.

< Cock-eyed cockney.

V Had enough of these japes.

^ Whassat? Vapes? I suppose. I do have some gripes with vapes.

< Doesn't get cooler than those Dothraki sickle-swords, dude. They might even be cooler than regular sickles.

v They're...pretty sick. Oh...sorry. Was that pun too sickly?

^ eh, I say nah.

< G'day mate!

V eh even though Christmas is still a long way off. . . JAINA THE FROST MAGE!

^ Thanks for that.

< In Pokemon Duel, if people make any unnecessary moves after I've clearly lost the game I make them wait for my timer to run down. It's kind of easy to one them up if they want to rub it in...

v *sips loudly*

^Yes quite!!

< more tea.

V Tea?

^ Wow, a tea party in my imagination.

< I am technically a game developer now...

v Don't do it.

^ Don't do what?

< probably will do it without knowing it.

V You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become Harambe.

^ We're doomed either way.
< Would rather be a boring MCU villain than a male DCCU hero.
v Wants a revival of Heroes vs. Villains.

^ Nah I prefer grey morals.

< 50 sha- Nah.

V loves the spambots.

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